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Help Tca Went Outside Scar?

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Help guys i just had tca cross 65% with asian skin by a professnianal and after treatment i noticed she went over the scars and my skin turned dark where there wasnt much or any scaring.

what should i use, she used a cotton bud on freaking ice pick scars and now i look this brown patches everywhere??

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Was this a doctor or esthetician? This should only be done by a doctor. I'm also confused as to why she would use a wide, big cotton pad on a small ice pick scar?

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Ok guys i went a pic to the derm, cant beilve she let a amuature freaking train on me, ffs it should not have got that mnuch acid i have done tca cross a year ago and he had lots of xp, i wanted to do it again and he said f off u dont need it anymore...

Its really getting my down dis sht losing the will to carry on much longer because i was such a pretty boy, probly still am but theses scar was making me go crazy, my life has been robed from me

\that was me a day or 2 ago tryed posting pic but wont kemme, i asked the derm and she said its normal it was light pink (new skin) i used some of my trade secerts and my skin is so fulve and soft and amg and pits are gone a fair bit, i always said if man can land on the moon im freakin sure we can fix this sht pitted skin and i can contine with my dam life

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