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My Cure..14 Yr Battle

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Battled with my skin on my face for years. I'm 30 yr old male, it started when I was 16. Some weeks were ok some were horrible, well lots were horrible. I tried everything under the sun, accutane helped a bit but not long term and not worth the other side effects, the cycline antibiotics were useless, proactiv and the regimen did help a bit, but there were times nothing would help. Liver flushes, fasts, no carb diets, you name it! Well my skin got really bad around the time I got sick, some sort of blood infection, I ended up in the hospital and the emergency dr noticed folliculitis and started me on an iv of antibiotic fluids, after I left the hospital I was put on sulfatrim ds (bactrim ds, septra ds) it improved from day 1, and I started washing with dexidin (hibiclens) twice a day. I'm sure it was always some sort of bacterial folliculitis or staph because it didn't ever respond to acne treatment , but I sure thought it was acne. It's been 6 months and I've had maybe 2-3 bumps tops, and they came and went very quick. None in the last few months. For me it was the septra ds and washing with hibiclens twice daily , get tested to see if it's staph bacteria inside your zits, cuz pimple cream won't help.

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