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After Fraxel Dual

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I had fraxel laser treatment yesterday and it looked like it had got rid of all my scars straight away but that was just swelling. Anyway, the day after having the treatment I am now breaking out in little whiteheads everywhere and I am even more red (sunburnt look) than I was yesterday.

Are these two things normal?

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I'm not massively knowledgeable on the topic, but from what I gather, the acne breakout is very normal, and if anything, a good sign. It shows that your skin has gone into a 'hyper repair mode', which is the main aim of the laser resurfacing. Hope this helps, and I hope you see the results you're hoping for!

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yes that is normal. i just had the fraxel dual myself and the place i went to has me using witch hazel toner every time i wash my face. that helps to exfoliate the skin while healing so that you dont get the whiteheads. its very gentle and feels nice on the skin. i had to use it 3 times a day for a week. also you will look very red and your skin will feel like sandpaper and then it will slowly peel off. i think i started peeling on day 4 and was done by day 7.

good luck to you!

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Learn your lasers people. Fraxel Dual is Fraxel Restore and what most people just call Fraxel. It is non-ablative, and I was warned off from it by my plastic surgeon, because he said it wouldn't do any good. Fraxel Repair is ablative, and it is what I had done 5 times with good results.

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I am almost two months but I am bothered bu my the texture of my face its uneven, I noticed that I have no oil glands when I wake up no sweat glands no sebacious glands, the tone is there I hate the tightness the inflammation, swellingness, pinkish jaw, scratches, indentions, smoothness of the skin isn't natural in a glowing skin, and most of oil waxy face that it's like a candle,muscle

Weakness, muscle twitching I hope I can pass through of this where Ll the people have had Fraxel before how are they now? They healed? I'm wondering why haven't heard from them or update,not posting here for how many years I have sever major depression because of this I lose weight 8 pounds m, Cannot work cannot study, can't eat, can't sleep well my life has been stuck up no sun no life, no confidence everythingmy life has been changed

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I have no problem with acne scars but ony the red spot in my face and dark spots bu the stupid nurse touched my whole face and now my face was totally devastated because of inflammation and micro sweling waxy oily eyes easily irritated even when I cried my face is so sensitive please do some research about this procedure it's too risky and u cannot predict what the result its gonna be my unaffected areas become more red and inflammed blotchy and so rough I can't take it anymore

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