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Why Does Salicylic Acid Causes Me To Break Out And Bp Does Not?

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Every time I try any time of Salicylic Acid product it would cause me break outs for some reason, no matter what brand they are whether it's Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, Oxy, Clearasil Etc etc, and also causes me my skin to dry so much. However, when I use Benzoil Peroxide (10%) my skin likes it I think. it never causes me redness, or dry skin and it's weird when I see causing me new pimples to appear.

Why does this happen to me? does anyone also have the same problem with SA?

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tht would b super weird, my skin got resistant to it, i just use it as a disinfectant n thts all, bt it doesnt prevent new breakouts at all however it shouldnt make u break out noways. dnt forget ur hving a internal cause so it could b just ur regular breakouts tht hv nothing to do with salycic acid!

basically i think u just got resistant to salycic acid (it doesnt work anymore) n ur just breaking out as usually

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Well it's weird for me.
I've used St. Ives Green Tea (2% Salicyclic Acid)... experienced weird breakouts. It helped current acne, but it also caused new acne.
Then I tried Aveeno Clear Complexion Cleanser (2% Salicyclic Acid) ---> BREAKOUTS!

But then I tried Clean & Clear Advantage Cleanser (5% BP) --> Omg bye bye acne. But I was still get new acne from diet issues, etc.
And now I am on Neutrogena Clear Pore (2.5% BP) --> I believe this is my Holy Grail. But I am STILL get new acne from diet issues, etc.

I use a spot treatment that contains BP... I wouldn't say it helps alot, but here's the thing... I tried Clean & Clear Spot Treatment before which contains salicyclic acid... IT BURNT AND STUN LIKE CRAZZYYY. My eyes were teary because of the pain on that spot. And then I tried Neutrgeona Spot Treatment... ANOTHER HUGE STING AND BURN.

I think my skin just can't take Salicyclic Acid... at least not in 2%.

Because I use Aveeno CLear Complexsion Moisturizer, but it contains 0.5% Salicyclic acid. And my skin seems to be pretty ok with it. It doesn't sting, it's helping with breakouts.

Maybe its the same for you?

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Yep, salicylic acid breaks me out as well. The difference is that salicylic acid acts like an exfoliater. It cleans out the pores, where as benzoyl peroxide is more of a strong antibiotic. It basically kills the top layer of your skin hence the extreme dryness / redness.

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One week using this BP product and my face is getting clearer and clearer. I rarely get pimples. My skin is damaged due to all those marks, but still I prefer this new treatment. It's so awesome I'm so suprised because it costs very cheap, and gives me an excellent feeling after using it.

Clean and Clear Continues Control

I'm definitely not using more SA products seeing how they cause me to break out. In addition the continuous control, I'm using BP 10% on spot at nights to to get rid of some occasional pimples that disappear when I wake up in the morning. But yeah I'm so glad I found something that is helping me, especially since it doesn't cost that much compared to the whole 3 step AcneFree Treatment I had to buy every month which was $20 dlls a month.

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