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Differin Problems

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Hi. Last week I was prescribed differin for my skin. 3 weeks ago my skin was perfectly clear, only breaking out a little when I was due my period. But since a recent lifestyle change (moving country) I have developed really painful and inflamed acne. My doc put me on differin last Thursday and I began using it As directed. It has made my skin 10 times worse and small white lumps have also appeared around my chin and cheeks. I stopped using differin as I think it's too harsh for my skin which is quite sensitive. But the burning sensation and inflammation still remains! Not to mention I wake up with 3-4 white heads too. I'm not continuing with differin as it is too uncomfortable but can anyone relate to this problem or give me any sort of insight into what the hell is going on with my face! It's so difficult as I am not used to this pain of the skin and I am back in my home country only for a short period and I don't even want to leave the house!! Any response would be greatly appreciated

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You are going through the IB -initial breakout. It is a sucky period that can last a few weeks to a few months. It brings everything to the surface. If it is not physically painful, you may want to give it a go again, using it once a week and working your way up.

Good Luck

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Hey I had the same problem a few breakouts not too bad was prescribed differin and hell broke loose on my face. My skin has never ever been as bad and 6 months later my skin hasnt still fully recovered. Honestly if you feel is isnt working or your having a bad reaction I would stop using it.I used it for 10 weeks and all I was left with was 10x worse acne than I had before.

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