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Acne And Diet

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I was wondering what you all think between acne and diet. Many people have said that there is no true link between diet and acne while others say that there is. What do you guys say? I am going to see a dermatologist this Saturday and I want to know if he will bring it up.

I'm not gonna lie I have poor eating habits. I'm a small guy and I eat a lot of fast food usually at least once a day. I don't have any health problems like heart disease or obesity but I do eat a lot of fast food. I also don't eat a lot of fruit or vegetables but I drink a lot of water and I have cut down the soda and the sugary snacks. I also notice that the fast food makey my skin very oily. So my question is do you guys think diet effects acne? I have a lot of friends that eat the way I do and they don't suffer from acne.

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What you eat plays a HUGE role in how your skin looks. Eating fruits and vegetables while drinking recommended water can give you great results just within a week or two. Do that while working out five days a week, and there will be a difference. For those with severe acne, it may not completely get rid of the problem, but it will help.

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Diet is very important and your skin will be better when you eat better. However, I feel like I have tried everything I could with regards to changing my diet and am still not 100% clear. I definitely recommend trying it. Making changes to your diet will allow you to see some improvement in your skin and you'll feel better!

There are lots of individual things you can try, but the main things you want to focus on are getting more nutrients and stabilizing blood sugar. This means amping up your intake of vegetables and nutrient dense food, while significantly lowering your consumption of carbohydrates (which spike your blood sugar) (this means especially avoiding eating carbohydrates alone).

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Personally 100% acne & diet are related. What you eat affects your hormones & stress levels and this is why.

Even now at 25 if I start to indulge in desserts, dairy etc I break out. It's all good know as it keeps me in good shape.

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