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2Nd Month On Accutane And Breaking Out In Cystic Acne

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so its about my 6th week on Accutane and I would think things would start calming down..but its worse then ever and now im scared I will be the few people who Accutane doesn't work for and just make my face worse. As of late I keep breaking out in terrible whiteheads, cysts very large, some on my neck which I never had before....and am waking up to new acne everyday. I am getting so many red marks...and also concerned I am starting to scar...anyone else experience this and clear up? what is the success rate for an adult woman on Accutane...really need some hope

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Hi there! I'm still in my first week of accutane and my face sounds similar to yours...waking up to new cysts, extreme redness, new pimples erupting everywhere..bleeding and pus filled. It sucks. I can't even put makeup on right now.

BTW I'm on 40mg and I have cystic acne on my cheeks neck and jawline but foreheads pretty clear.

If anyone knows anything about initial breakouts and when this will clear up please post here!!!

Lastly Sankofa1 keep faith remember that it WORKS...its probably all the acne u were supposed to get in a while is now pushing itself out.

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I'm an adult male, but the 1st and 2nd month on Accutane was the worst for me. I broke out pretty bad. But after the first couple months you will begin to see major improvements! It's working, just give it time! Hang in there!

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I broke out like crazy the first couple of months...you can easily check my evolution in this post I'm acne free now by the way . long live accutane

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Hey, i am a 15 year old girl and i took accutane for 4 months this winter. The strange thing for me has been that i did not get COMPLEATLY clear till finishing the treatment..i know it sounds strange, but for all the four moths i stll got brakeouts! Even on the third moth i got a terrible one and i was wondering if maybe i had something wrong..but exactly when i finished my skin like cleared up and i did not get anything for months! Now it's back and it sucks..but it's all normail that it does not work in the beggining don't worrie :)

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