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Hello angels ~!!! ^ ^

I am 17 years old girl from Thailand ^ ^! Am I the only Thai person here? Guess so~ hahahah

Well I have acne story to tell~ If you have acne~ just to let you know that you are not alone <3 million other girls/boys around the world suffer the same thing.

I would like to start off by saying how I got acne~ Acne. Acne. They are like devil that possessed your face, and they keep popping up on your face like they are having a party or something~!! and they keep inviting more guests in! and that my friend, is the problem!!! You see, like many girls out there, when I was 13, I start watching Youtube video. I buy everything that they said will make my skin flawless. I use too much moisturizer each day~ I apply like two times thick and I keep changing brand~~~ Before, I have no acne, no scars, no nothing~ my face was smooth, no bumps, no nothing. Until I know Youtube and I use everything~ my mommy did warn me about using too much moisturizer~ Fyi, my face is naturally dry and sensitive. But as smarties as I am. I never listen to mommy. Of course, she is right! After three months, I start having acne on my cheek like 4-5 spots. It was terrifying~ hahaha since I never have acne before T^T I also start wearing makeup to school~!! which made everything worse! Although, makeup did hide how my skin looks, making it flawless, but inside deep down, I know that I have acne. I tried everything. I even apply more moisturizer since I have this weird belief that with more moisture acne will heal faster~!!! T^T IM so dumb hahahah :o I never research on acne, I just do whatever I believe. And Yes!! IT got worst!!!.

Ok back to my current face ^ ^ right now I have one spot on right cheek, my scars are fading away since I see dermatologist and I do laser treatment and stuff~!! Although, mom doesn't really like me to see this dermatologist since everything is so expensive and she said I am still young and should not use laser~ BUT WHATEVER WORKS RIGHT :D I am lucky because my dermatologist was very kind and thoughtful. She gave me accutane but she was very aware of the side effects~ I trusted her of course! She only let me take 3 tablets, one on Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday. I just took one on Thursday but will take one more today ^ ^ finger crossed everything will turn out well !

I also use epiduo ^ ^ ok this is a stupid story I will tell you!! My forehead, I don't have acne, in fact, I barely breakout with my forehead! But one day, as I was using epiduo, I squeeze too much and I am aware of the left over so I apply epiduo on my forehead ( the part which is smooth and pimple-free) I totally regret it, I hated myself so much that day for my stupidity!!!!! I woke up with small pimples and bumps T^T and all I can blame is myself! So don't use epiduo on acne-free area!!! I learnt that the hard way.

Tomorrow I am going to see another dermatologist which my cousin been seeing and said she is very kind aswell! I hope everything will turn out well! I will tell you guys how it goes ^^ but for this dermatologist, she will uses herb instead of laser and medicine~ so very interesting~~~!!!

So that is my acne story~ and now I also have hormonal acne T^T everytime I drink milk, the next morning I will wake up with one more pimple <3

I want to hear how you got your acne!! and never lose hope

That is just my short acne story~ Please tell me tips and tricks on how to make my pimple better

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