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Hi all - just a little background info first: I had cystic acne back when I was 19 and it got better after being out in antibiotics and tazorac. I didn't suffer from any side effects then.

After 4 years of clear skin, my face started getting bumpy again (it looked as if there was millia on my face, or clogged pores). I went to the derm and I was given tazorac again because she said "it worked so well in the past." Lo and behold, after 3 weeks of using it, my face has gotten SIGNIFICANTLY WORSE. Like worse than when I was 19 (I'm 23 now).

My face is not only oiler, but I have a combination of many painful cysts, whiteheads, blackheads, flaking skin, and crusty skin at the same time. It looks absolutely disgusting and it's ruining my productivity at work.

I am SO MAD at the derm for giving me this medication and I just want to rip my face off. I called the derm's office twice in the past 2 weeks and was told to use it every other day or every 2-3 days. Followed this direction and my face just got WORSE. They told me to continue it but at this point, I just want to stop it and not even return to that derm.

Has anyone had this experience? Or can anyone suggest any remedies?

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Sounds like you are going through a purging state right now. Stick with it is my recommendation. Your supposed to give topicals about 3 month to see if they work for your skin or not.

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Yup takes 3 months to see results.. The medication works by causing your skin to purge bringing everything to the surface of your skin. Most people see significant improvement after 3 months.

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