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I am a teen girl and I have oily skin and I have tried every product known to man to cure my acne. my acne isn't that bad but it's still very obvious. I use products that are oil free and I still have an oily face. my acne won't go away and it's really embaressing. any products that you think are good for curing oily, acne prone skin?

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If you're talking about over the counter products, all you can really get are washes, blotting paper and mattifying gel etc. Stuff that temporarily removes or covers up the oil.

If you want to actually prevent it you'll have to use something internal such as birth control or spironolactone.

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You should also ask your dr for a vitamin D test. D has a huge impact on oil, if you protect from the sun like most of us do, you're likely deficient and your doc can help you get your levels up (also helps with mood.)

For some reason, I'm sensitive to oil-free products in moisturizers and in makeup (they make me break out, this isn't uncommon.)

Check out the first link in my signature line and start looking up your products.

The second link has really good product recommendations. Try Clean and Clear (any cleanser with salicylic or benzoyl peroxide) or Oil of Olay Regenerist (wash, serum) products if you don't have the means or inclination to shop online. The Freeman Avocado and Oatmeal mask is also great for acne (Walgreens, Target etc.) Mild acne doesn't mean you have to go oil free- just oil in moderation, and less-to-no moisturizer.

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