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So I'm 16 I started getting acne in 6th grade. Now I'm a junior in high school & I've noticed that in the past year my skin has been at its complete worst.. All over my both cheeks & so many little bumps all Over my forehead when I had never gotten any there.. I have so many red spots all over. It's to the point where I feel like a complete monster i haven't gone out in public with out tons of makeup on in such a long time.. I'm fed up im tired of feeling so ugly all the time. I just wanna give up cus nobody understands what this feels like.. Any advise on getting rid of scars? Any products ??

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hey there :)

I agree with everything you just said! Acne is frustrating, especially when you feel like you're the only one going through it. But you're not alone, trust me.

Always have hope & never give up. EVERY single acne condition is treatable. So keep your chin up, you are beautiful. Do not let temporary flaws control your life!

As for your skin, I don't know the severity or type since I don't have a picture, but based off your description, it sounds like you need to find a good regimen and stick to it. Red marks, AKA post-acne marks, are a sign of healing. This is generally a good thing, although it may not look like it.

Fresh gel from the aloe vera plant can do wonders for both your acne & your marks, so give that a thought sometime (: What type of pimples are you getting? Papules, nodules, pustules, etc..

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