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Smoking And Hyperpigmentation...

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Ok so I have noticed after doing high intensity workouts my hyperpigmentation subsides greatly, this is due to an increase in circulation and blood being taken away from your face. and the effects last hours after the workout btw.

My question is - as we all know smokers have very pale, dead skin, this is due to the fact they have very bad blood circulation.

bear with me....

So if one was to begin smoking to achieve this lifeless smokers face, they would have very little blood getting to there face and in theory would the hyperpigmentation also subside?

I have heard about people smoking and then the next day spots look much less red and hyperpigmentation much less...

any advice on this appreciated.

no BS about how smoking kills please, I don't care.

just a side note - how many smokers do you see with acne? think about it.

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Interesting thought. I can admit that I didn't have any acne until after I quit smoking. Never really thought that one had anything to do with the other though.

Starting smoking to achieve this wouldn't be smart though.

The hyperpigmentation will fade away all on it's own. To speed this up make sure that you use SPF when you are out in the sun for more than 15 minutes. Exfoliating will help fade away the marks by sluffing off the dead skin layers in your face and thus bring the marks closer and closer to the top layer of skin, making the fading process faster. I use Acne.org AHA+ as an exfolator. Works like a charm. I had tons if hyperpigmentation after finishing my Accutane course and my red marks faded away within 2 months of using the AHA. Just my two cents.

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Hyperpigmentation can be healed, and smoking would definitely impair your skin's healing abilities.

Also, I know you said you don't care, but I gotta say it, smoking does kill, and before it does that it messes up your body in a ton of other ways. Smoking should not be considered as a solution to skin problems. If anything, it will make the skin worse. Try other things for hyperpigmentation like lactic acid and vitamin C.

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