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Three Month Pimple

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I don't really have acne, but there is a pimple on my nose that has been there since early June. I used persa-gel (10% benzoyl peroxide) on it since early July and it lost its lump, leaving only discolored skin. I have not stopped putting benzoyl peroxide on it and three days ago it started rising up out of the skin again, it's much more tender as well. Help?

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its recurring in the same spot?

are you sure its a pimple and not sun damage? is it like a blister or a pimple with puss?

it could be a recurring pimple but also sun damage.

try a different cream

the nose skin is weird and can sometimes take longer for a pimple to go completely or it could be a cyst that is rooted deep down.

ice can help inflammation

use suncream

i hope it goes..nose pimples are bad

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omg pop it already?

imagine if tht white shit is actually going rancid inside there like frikin rotting n shit n probably damages/stretches out area even more, just yuck!

like how to medicate it now? man unless ur trying to grow somekinda mushrooms on yer face PPPOPPPP ITTTT!! Bx

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