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Comorbid Conditions Of Acne

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"In medicine, the term "comorbid" can be either medical condition(s) existing simultaneously but independently with another condition; or it can indicate a related medical condition or conditions" (wikipedia)

It's important to keep on eye on what else is going on with your health. If I learned anything from alternative therapy, it's that no medical condition exists in a vacuum. The domino chain effect of organ channel disruption, mental health and skin are undeniable.

From someone who's always eaten poorly and gotten away with it (so I thought**,) I really can't stress enough, especially for younger sufferers of acne becoming adults, that what you put in to your body is what come out on your skin. It affects your organs, blood and brain. Your brain controls your hormones, which control your mood, which affect your skin. What you put in, you get out.

** I was the person who'd say 'but look how healthy I am otherwise' (ignoring my disordered sleep, mood, energy level etc. and over-congratulating myself on short-lived skin clarity- those are unrelated, right?) and find all the articles that said acne has nothing to do with diet.

What your doctors prescribe you impairs your ability to keep the skin machine running smoothly. And topicals are good, but depending on topicals to fix acne is like expecting wiping with baby wipes and velvety soft toilet paper after a bowel movement to fix your IBS, liver disease or cholesterol.


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