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Is My Skin Detoxing/purging?

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Hello. So i have recently started using a line of natural organic non-toxic products called enkido. * URL REMOVED. PLEASE SEE BOARD RULES. ACNE.ORG MODERATOR TEAM *They do contain active ingredients. I have been using them for about 5 days now and have noticed a bunch of little red pimples all over my face, which are clear right after using the products and then fade away after about half an hour. Could this be an allergic reaction (even though its non-toxic/allergic ingredients) or my face purging because the products are actually cleaning out my skin? Also I am about a month into a detox, and along with the small red pimples all over, I have noticed an increase in little white heads in a lot of spots including spots i dont usually see them. So is my body just detoxing the badness and i should see improvement soon? Thanks

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I am having a bit difficult time understanding what kind of pimples you are getting that disappear in an hour ? What are those products you are using..Mask, cleanser, toner? Is it anti-acne product?

What are you taking for detox? Is it juice detox?

If you are itching or burning then it is the allergic reaction.

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Thanks for the reply. Theyre just little red spots, some with tiny whiteheads, that after cleansing become very red, and then fade in color after half an hour.

The products I am using are the Men's Foaming Cleanser, Hydrate Scrub, Clear Infusion, Mud Mask, and Hydrate Rich Moisturizer. (Go to the website i provided above). All of them contain very active ingredients. I really only notice extreme redness after using the cleanser however.

For my detox i have been taking top notch three-stage supplements called 'Paleologix' that goes along with a Paleo diet. Google Paleologix for more info.

And no itching or burning, just patches of inflamed red spots.

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Purging lasts less than a week and manifests as acne, so you're dealing with a very mild contact allergy.

I picked two of the inactive ingredients in your cleanser, lauryl glucoside, and that- though rarely, as it's a plant-based, mild, non-irritating surfactant- that some people are allergic to. The second, decyl glucoside, is also a mild surfactant, but has higher occurrences of allergic reactions.

If the temporary rash bothers you, switch products and make sure you avoid decylglucoside and these other ingredients found in cleansers: *URL Removed, see board rules; http://www.acne.org/board-rules.html Acne.org Moderator Team*

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Thank you for the help guys! getting a refund for my cleanser and going to purchase this one: *URL removed, please see board rules. Acne.org Moderator Team*

There anything allergic-related in that?

Also, what is Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate, Olive Squalane?

What do you think about the Shea Moisture 'African Black Soap' facial care line? Any ingredients that could cause allergic reactions.

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