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Best Treatment For Marks And Very Undeep Scars?

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hey everybody! i struggled with acne for 2,5 years now and last year it was really bad, i don't have any active acne anymore ( knock off haha) i just want to know what the best treatment could be for this? i know the redness will heal over time but when i look at myself closely my scars irritate me, could a chemical peel/ fruit acid peel help? im new here so im sorry if there are a lot of topics about this but it's easier to find the answers here!

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I'm wondering the same thing @elmaxxx. Hopefully others have recommendations. I've done a chemical peel in the past but it didn't make much of a difference unfortunately. $175 for 1 chemical peel, my derm recommended I do 3 sessions. That is expensive plus the fact that I was not presentable for 3-5 days after the peel, the dryness and flaking was crazy!! So, all in all, it's just not the right option for me. Anyone have other ideas? You can see some of my pics on my page, I'm curious if your scars and marks are like mine. Good luck!

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@milly857 thanks for your reaction! , i saw you're pictures and my acne marks aren't that bad anymore, i just have like 3 very purple ones that don't seem to fade! but my forehead is a littlebit worse, but for the marks like yours i just used vitamine e it seemed to work for my reddish marks!

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