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It's radical diets; no dairy, no wheat, gluten, yeast, starch, sugar or sweet, only every fruit and vegetable under the sun, tick, tick, done, another day, a new change, desolate hope, a tightening rope. Changed pillow cases, topical traces, water by the barrel loads, exercise, no exercise, sweat is a threat, ice blocks, door locks, natural lemon, natural honey, toothpaste and Gran's old tricks. Still no fix. Facial cleansers from China, facial cleansers from the States, ridiculous rates, cleansers, cleansers, cleansers. Non-comedogenic, oil-free, perfume-free, soap-free, still not acne free. An incalculable run of antibiotics and Accutane three times, success not the one, topicals here and there, peeling stinging, burning, despair.

And still, acne.

Cancelled trips, emotional slips, no chips and dips. Broken relationships, friendships, mum holding me, crying with me, for me. Girlfriends come, girlfriends gone, cried with them too, but acne, she stays. It's no holidays, no sun, no beer, no wine, no good time. Just sleep, just wait, tomorrow maybe, yesterday, too late. It's make up and cover up, it's hide away, 'sorry, not today', it's run, hide, hope, and pray. It's a tolerance which is waning, with every passing day. It's a final call to arms, my last plea, I'm crying out, fucking help me.

And still, acne.

But it's only me that can do it. No medicine, regime, doctor or machine. Just belief in me, in Lee. And no defeat. No staring, no caring, no submission, this life is my own, enough inhibition. Free yourself from mental slavery, and go gentle into the night, without fright of what the morning might bring, one more spot, pimple, or sting, only what you choose to see can hurt you, so look away, cast a blind eye, not today, nice try. Believe in yourself, because you only go round once, be in love with your life, every moment, it's never too late for atonement, heal yourself, love yourself, and trust to let go. Have the last laugh and be free, look into the mirror and finally see, no more acne.

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