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For Those Using Tretinoin And Benzoyl Peroxide With A Antibiotic!

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Ok so I have used tretinoin twice before and didnt see any results.

This time I have been on tretinoin with an antibiotic and benzoyl peroxide.

My dermatologist has given me antibiotics 4 times now each for a 1 month supply. I

go back in on monday to see him and I am going to tell him about how I dont want to

develop an immunity to antibiotics since I have taken them so much for long term.

Anyways I wanted to share my story with those who have moderate level acne but have A lot of hyperpigmentation/scars

Does it work for me so far?

Yes and no

Tretinoin - seems to have reduced my breakouts from every few days to every week or longer. So it works here.

I must say I didnt have fun with it at first. I also still dont love it. I still breakout but not nearly as much as before.

I applied every night for about 2 months and just recently I decided to reduce to every other night to give my skin a break.

As for marks and hyperpigmentation - I think it has helped some but not much. I have only been on it 2 months this trial.

The thing I have noticed is that I never have more than about 3-4 pimples accross my entire face... but I my scarring and hyperpigmentation takes "Forever" to completely fade out.

As for the antibiotic - I think it has helped reduce the size of the pimples when i do breakout.

Benzoyl Peroxide - You hear horror stories about it all the time. Theres good and bads to it.

When used correctly its good benefits. Make sure when you use it you dont apply too much and make sure

your only applying it to spots and not the entire face. A thin layer is all you need otherwise the risk of irritation and dryness goes up.

If you experience any stinging or severe dryness/swelling I would stop for a day and see what happens. You may have an allergic reaction to the product.

To help combat with the dryness from both Tretinoin (Retinoids) or benzoyl peroxide its crucial that you moisturize your skin after washing your face and showering. Also it seems that many people dont apply moisturizer correctly either.. Its usually best to apply moisturizer when your skin is still somewhat wet it allows for your skin to absorb the water better and to lock it in so it doesnt escape! Its also important to make sure you only use so much of it. When using moisturizer you only really need a pea size amount just like tretinoin. Sometimes you might need more so use sparingly. Anyways, make sure you put it on your palms and rub your palms together this allows for the moisturizer to heat up. Then apply to your cheeks first cause there usually the most dry. Then your chin and forhead. I recommend applying to your nose last because your nose seems to never be as dry as the rest of your face.

If you guys have any questions I can help I have used many other skin products for years and totally understand the feeling of having acne and living with it. Its quite horrid. However when you see past the marks and realize life is ok. Acne will never bother you.

I have convinced myself that every pimple represents a piece of my character and a time in my life. It allows me to be comfortable.

Acne is a battle like anything but can be reduced, cured and maintained if the right level of dedication and committment can be made by the individual.

Like I said I am always here to help people. I love skin and I will be attending medical school after i finish my current run in college to become a dermatologist. :)

PS: I know some of you who have acne are very anxious and depressed/stressed. Theres ways to combat with this! You dont even need medication. You just need to convince yourself that all the struggling and moping over something is not worth hurting over. You live once and you cant have this time back. When you learn to live and not worry not only is your life improved but the reduction of acne is usually greater seen! :)

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