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My Insight - Currently Healed Skin From Very Bad Acne

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This topic is for everybody with any kind of acne. I present my story and tips that cleaned my skin.

So ive had acne for maybe 10-12 years and i want to share what worked for me and what is in my opinion bullshit. My acne started when i was 14, now i am 26. I was 16 when i realised people are looking at me like i had some sh*t on my face. I had 1 cm red bumps on my face (maybe 10-15 at a time) and it hurt like hell! That is also the time i started with "some" treatment that my "dermatologist" suggested. It was some kind of not-working anti acne make-up (i am a boy) that made me look like a really scary person - teachers in school were asking me why i wear make-up and kids were making fun of me.I was not a lucky person so my parrents were making fun of me too, which didnt make anything better.

This took around 3-4 years till i finally started my serious research on acne. The benzoyl was the answer for me, but it was not the first thing that i found out worked for me. For me it was possible to better the state of my skin with just sports and a lot of sun, occasional visit in some exotic country helped a lot (i think the salt water in the sea worked the best). My skin was still not cured, i didnt have any huge bumps on my face but i had a LOT of pimples. Well the natural treatment didnt work, it just changed my acne from extra bad to a little less bad. Thats when i started using benzoyl (i think i first found out about it on acne.org) and i was like WTF this thing might work. I didnt have any money so i had to find benzoyl in local drug stores or on czech internet. Well guess what, in my country nobody used benzoyl before, nobody knew about it and nobody was selling it. So i had to get it from my relative that lived in germany (where they sold benzoyl in every fucking store). Ye 1st week was really bad, my skin was peeling like hell and my whole face was red like ape ass. 2nd week wasnt much better. 3rd week the skin adjusted for benzoyl but it was still red - this was because i used the bad moisturizer. In my opinion a good moisturizer (a really good one you have to find out for yourself, different brands work for different skin) can even heal your skin, because it is quite possible that the acne is caused by some dryness. So when i found my moisturizer i started seeing some results - pimples slowly dissapearing and my skin started looking healthy. This process took 12 years and i am very happy with my skin right now.

Hopefully upcoming tips will help you with your acne.

- If you have a stressfull work or school and you have bad acne - change your school / work place or start doing some yoga or meditation, something that helps you relieve your stress. I think stress is amongst the biggest causes for acne.

- No matter what everyone says, always take some time to show your skin to the sun (dont get burnt !!). If you are afraid of sunburn, then use soem moisturizer that also has some protection against sun. It isnt about getting tanned, it is about accepting the energy and vitamins from sun. The skin needs it and so do you.

- You really have to do some sport, do some running, long walks, workout, crossfit, anything will help. If you are also fat, it is really important you get rid of your weight.

- Dont eat junk food. This is really important. If you really have to eat something sweet, watch if it has some kind of chemical colorizer E465465846 or something like that, you dont eat that, it fuckes up your acne! You have to eat healthy but dont do any extremes, of course you can eat white bread and white pasta, you can even eat haribo jelly bears. But dont overeat on this junk. What i found out is that if you eat something like chips than your acne will always get bad after that, not right away, but you will notice a lot of pimples after 1-2 days after you eat that junk.

- Dont drink alcohol. Alcohol is the wrost thing for your acne, IT WILL destroy your skin, dont drink it, just dont. Worst thing for acne is IMHO alcohol. On the other hand smoking pot might help you if you are stressed, but if you are not i suggest not taking ANY drug at all.

- Drink enough water, if you feel you need a sip than go take a glass of water and drink it. If you feel your skin is dry, go drink a glass of water, if your lips are dry, go drink a glass of water. Dont drink it with any chemical juice, drink clean water, its the safest way.

- Well fruits and vegetables and vitamins. You need atleast some vitamins for your skin, if you see any vegetable or fruit just eat it, dont ask anybody just eat it, even if you dont feel hungry, it will give you the vitamins you need. Dont eat any pills with vitamins, even though it says it has more vitamins than 50 bananas, if you eat 1 real banana it will have better results. Fruit and vegetables are the best, in fact you can eat only that and it will help you a lot.

- Dont listen to the strict diet believers, you can eat everything as long as it is not junk food, not full of fat and it doesnt have any chemical elements in it.

- Even though Dan is saying in his tips that you should shave often and clean i have different opinion. For me shaving makes my skin really bad. When i shave i always get a lot of new acne on my chin. So you have to find out what works for you.

- On the start of my benzoyl treatment i used benzoyl 2 times a day. Wash my skin, dry it gently with towel and wait 5-10 minutes till it is dry, then use moderate ammount of benzoyl (if you use too much your skin will not look normally) let the benzoyl on your face for another 10-15 minutes and then use some moisturizer that works for you.

- Wash your skin maximum 2-3 times a day. Use benzoyl and moisturizer after morning and before sleep washing. If you wash one more time than use only moisturizer (but it is important you use the moisturizer). Dont wash your skin more times a day, it will irritate your skin.

- it is also important to let your skin rest from the benzoyl for a day. I suggest doing this every 14 days. Just wash your face and use moisturizer on that day. It will make your skin look more healthy.

- If you feel your skin is itching, it is possible it is caused by dryness, use moisturizer if needed, it should stop the itching. Never scratch / touch your skin with dirty hands.

- If you feel a pimple coming and it is itching then NEVER scratch or try to pop it out. As much as it will annoy you, you have to wait for the pimple to be ready to come out.

- If you pop a pimple and you see blood immediately stop with the popping process and remove the shit that came out (if you dont you will have some small scar and scars heal much longer than pimples) and press some clean napkin on it for a minute. It will stop bleeding and if you did everything right and gently you will have only really small red dot on your skin.

I hope those tips will help you, i think i have a very long experience with acne, if you need any tips feel free to PM me.

I wont be able to answer your emotional problems because believe me i have only few close friends and i dont even trust my family now. Yes no girlfriend because i cant really get any serious relationship because of trust issues. Acne showed me how people acted when i had it and now i see how nice they suddenly get. If you can help me with this problem it will be much appreciated.

So yea i suggest you start using benzoyl ASAP.

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