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Can I Stop With Accutane At 133 Mg/kg?

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After about 6 months, I've reached a cumulative dose of 133 mg/kg. I have two more weeks to go, and that would bring me up to a cumulative dose of 147 mg/kg. Is that really necessary? Or may I just stop now?

I can deal with the dry eyes, nose, lips, ears, even my dry penis. But a few days ago my skin started itching like crazy - this has happened once during the treatment, a couple of months ago. I try to resist it as much as I can, but I itch my skin during sleep! This makes the itching even worse and it forms sorts of dry patches on parts of my arms, the side of my neck, a bit on my chest and back... My skin is red and sore and it's not pleasant to say the least.

It it a big deal if I quit now? Or have I taken enough?

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Why don't you try reducing your dose so you just take a pill every 3rd day? Side effects will lessen and you will still finish your course?

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Let's take it to the extreme - what would happen if I took a dose once a week? Could I go back to drinking (reasonably), being exposed to the sun and finally working out? Say I take the pill at Sunday, than go drink at Friday when I have a low level of the stuff in my system..?

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You could quit now. If your acne is under control and there is no benefit of finishing out your two weeks.

You could also cut back on your dosage like the member above mentioned. Accutane stays in your body for months after finishing up your course. I wouldn't be going as far as to exposing yourself to the sun much. You will still be sensitive in the sun. I'd keep up with the SPF for another couple months. As far as the drinking. I drank while I took Accutane. I didn't have issues. If your going to cut back I'd do the dose every other day or every third day. I wouldn't go every week. That's going to add another 14 weeks to your course if you have another 2 weeks of pills left.

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