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Stopped Accutane 13 Days In

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Hello all, so I was cautiously excited to begin my course I began on 40 mg. First 11 days were great, it was pushing out some of the pimples underneath the surface skin wasn't oily and was actually dry i would have a new pimple and by night it would be dry and shriveled up. Day 11 ringing in my ears began I didn't think much of it but it was there it was bothersome at times louder than others. Fast forward I have developed a terrible headache that I still have was in the emergency room cause my blood pressure was really high they did a CT scan and found nothing I was told to discontinue my medication and that if I don't get better within a week to go have a MRI of my brain done. The dr mentioned pseudorumor Cerberi however my eyes feel fine it's just the headaches and pressure/tension headaches. I have a couple questions has anyone else had this? And does it go away, how long usually? And if it does go

Away and it's deemed that nothing is found do you think my dr would be able put me on a smaller dose of the medication? I appreciate all your feedback. Thank you.

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I think you should stop the treatment and see if the headaches go away , and if they do , stop thinking about accutane altogether . And i frankly wish that's the case and it isnt some other brain affection , because that would be devastating i imagine. get well

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