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Facial/body Hair Gland = The Culprit Of Acne/oily Skin!

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I am at my wits end with both acne and unwanted hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The things which makes me the most angry is that governments have access to technology 10,000+ light years ahead of us, there are people in disguise here from other dimensions and time periods which also have such basic things as cures for acne, unwanted hair, and cancer free energy!!!!!!!!!! Yet that knowledge is all being covered up by people who play GOD WITH HUMAN KIND FOR EVIL PURPOSES!!

I'm a firm believer that nor acne or unwanted hair can be treated topically but there is a simple herb, or supplement somewhere out there which can:

.get rid of oily skin and open pores.

.make every last disgusting piece of facial and body hair fall out on it's own, thus only the hair on head eyebrows, eyelashes stays.

. make scalp hair non oily and NOT fall out when showering.


Basically puberty ruined my life and any chance of a relationship because it left me hairy, pimply, with acne scars, open pores and oily skin.

I have not worn shorts or taken my shirt off since I was 14 as a result and feel totally intimidated when smooth younger boys which have not suffered the effects of puberty take their shirt off in-front of me and don't understand why I won't do the same!!!!!!


PGD2 and DHT inhibitors, Miso Ferminated soy both internally and externally. Spearmint Tea, Maca, Sawplemetto, Crushed apple seeds taken both internally and externally, rosemarry, celery seed just to name a few, And nothing works! (OR either IT STARTS TO WORK AND MY ACNE IMPROVES, UNWANTED HAIR GROWS BACK THINNER BUT THEN STOPS WORKING LIKE IN THE CASE OF DRINKING 8OZ OF COLOIDAL SILVER A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm now going to try adding coloidal zinc and copper to my daily intake and will let you guys know my progress.

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