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Aftershave Working Wonders

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Well, this is for those guys who shave because they must or because it looks good, however, are hesitant because every time they know after shaving their face becomes an oil field for at least a day or more. I myself loved a smooth, to small amount of scruff, but i knew shaving led to acne every time...every time. I now i'm not alone. I've known this now for probably 3 years, yet have been helpless really. Before knowing shaving was a major culprit, I probably spent 1200 or more in different expensive acne solutions, topicals, medications, creams soaps, lotions, treatments etc.

All with minor relief. By switching from blade to electric razor...and back to different blades and then electric again...oh my I have struggled. All my thinking of increased skin infection with shaving was right.. but wasn't the smoking gun as i still persistently developed nodular, small to medium bumps, cysts, and sometimes the occasional inflamed pimple. Tretinoin helped any wrinkles i might have had, but gave me more noninflammed comedones. BP worked, but caused unsightly redness all the time and burned me more than i care to admit. Differin was temperamental. It seemed to help, but then again didn't..prevenitivly anyway.

By chance 2wks ago I went down walmart's shaving isle and seen "Bump Patrol" I looked at it and read it and then seen the cheap price of 7.99 and said "well it can't hurt". Now given that I have research product ingredients for a long time knowing what it was before hand I would have never bought it online or in store. Considering its alcohol, and basically aspirin (similar to SA/BHA) I would have passed right along. Every time i use BHA even 1% I get small bumps everywhere not to mention overly dry.

And alcohol on the face? Are you kidding that goes against everything we know when it comes to high concentrations. And i've tried them before in different treatments such as "natural BHA serums" which were carried via alcohol....

Yet I report that this product


Has kept the nodules down and non existent after 3 shaves which is unheard of for me.

Bear it mind I do not post "raving reviews" I do not work for any company, nor do i support spending $$$ on 1.7 fl of some junk that probably wont work. Just my 2 cents for those guys that shave and have acne that is worse after shaving.

This product is strong, I mean STRONG, i use it in the AM before bed currently because i work nights. Use once daily or as tolerated. It burns for 3 and stings for a couple minutes and then gets better. Its also sticky until it dries.

To add i have been suffering since high school so many years ago it seems. Struggled and have tried so many things that i am almost embarrassed to admit it.So i strugged for a good 5 years before i switched routines and bought even more stupidly expensive stuff and tried so more. Finally discovering that acne became worse after shaving, but flopping back and forth from razor to electric as razor with no success, lead me to try again more products, shaving creams, lotions, etc-to the point i gave up and went with electric and nothing just differin cream at night whenever i felt like it.

So yea... kinda of stupid to think a $8.00 bottle has given me relief after 8 years + of suffering. How stupid...i'm somewhat depressed actually.

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