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You should check this website( MUAC ) they sell very effective products for acne. They sell very easy chemical peels that you can do at home, its dosent cost much. I been using there mandelic acid peel and serum and argan oil which i payed a total of 45 dollars. As little as a week i saw a real difference, most acne gone, and marks and acne scars, fading. Give it a go, check out there website, look at there testimonials. You could email them and ask what will better help you and be more effective, thats what i did :D.

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I'm giving up my acne medications as they're not doing me any favors and waiting for my referral to the dermatologist wish me luck:(

i mean derm is just gonna tell you the basic and give you the basic options for treatment like retin a , accutane etc

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You know what? It could actually help. My acne has improved since I gave up medicated topical treatments, I think they were just too harsh and it was just aggravating everything. My acne is still very bad, but it's slightly better than it was.

Hope yours improves soon. xx

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Thanks! I'm hoping so as well I have mild moderate acne.some days my skin looks good but as soon as I go ocd on my skin and skin pick or add things to my face it gets bad:( I need better control of that its gonna be hard cause its mental and I've been use to all those creams masks lotions well you get the point.ive been on retin A for a while and it will clear me one day break me out the next it's too harsh for my skin so I give up.:)

I'm currently on bc for face its doing ok

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