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My Plan For Back Acne

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I developed back acne in puberty, and now at 30, I still have some pimples now and then (4 or 5).
I never developed facial acne. So, how come some of us develop only body acne? I believe the skin on our bodies, produces more oil than the people who don't develop back acne, and the body is more prone to sweating than the face. You sweat the most when you are sleeping and exercising, believe it or not, you are sweating small amounts throughout the day. It is very likely that our skin is thicker than most people. This is specially the case for people who only develop body acne. When you combine excess oil production, sweating at night and day, and not taking showers at the rigth times, your pores will get blocked. If you live in a sunny state like me, you have it worst.
Unlike common advice, since we produce more oil than average, we need to actually wash the area more often. The skin on your body is so thick, and produces so much oil, that it will never get dry. This is very similar to dandruff, if you are prone to it, is because your scalp produces too much oil, many recommend to not wash you hair everyday, when in reality the opposite is true, you need to wash your hair more often, your scalp produces too much sebum.
This is my plan
- take 2 showers (morning after waking up, and after exercise)
- BP on upper arms
- Wash body with head and shoulders
- expose my body to the sun at least once a week
- use a different shirt when sleeping, many people use the same pijama through the week, you need use a different shirt, every night
- wash your sheets at least once a week
The main goal is prevent the pores from getting blocked, you do this by reducing oil production, minimizing sweating, and showering often
The reason why we still have body acne, is because our hormones make the skin on these areas, produce too much oil, this is why medication like work because they reduce the oil production
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