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Big Cyst Breakout - Confused - Hydrocortisone, Benzyl Peroxide Or Azelaic Acid?

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Hi everyone, I'm in a bit of a state and have confused myself reading so many forums so hoping you can offer advice.

Brief history:

I was on Roaccutane about 6 years ago and it cleared up my cystic acne beautifully. I still have some scarring but my life has been so improved by the treatment.

A year ago I got one cyst out of the blue. Went to the GP who was useless and said there was nothing wrong because the cyst had gone down by then. I have been fighting my corner with the NHS and it has been a stressful time. I finally have a Dermatologist appointment in September.


Right now, I have two large hard cysts on my neck, a new softer one near my chin and one growing on my chest. I feel helpless. I cannot get a cortisone injection in the UK as our health service won't do it.

I've been frantically reading forums on what to do as this has a huge effect on my self esteem. I have bought myself hydrocotisone cream 1%, benzyl peroxide 10% (that's all they stock now apparently) and tea tree oil 100%. I also have 15% Azelaic Acid that the doctor gave me and I've been on a few months.

I don't know what has cause this outbreak. It started a couple of months ago when my skin got a lot worse - maybe co-inciding with summer? I started the contraceptive pill this month and this may be making it worse though I'm hoping it ultimately will help.

What can I do now to reduce these cysts? Should I use the hydrocortisone? If so should I avoid my face? Or the TTO? Or pile on the azelaic acid?

Please help!!!

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You know... Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion used to help me when I had cystic acne!

Also drinking Roiboos tea, but you need to drink at least 4 cups of it. And taking Zinc supplement.

Also, I heard very good things about taking pantothenic acid. I've never tried it though. Here the helpful article-http://www.drdach.com/Acne_B5.html

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Thanks for your reply. My confusion comes from so many suggestions for so many different things. I'm now putting on TTO and azelaic acid and don't know what to use? Then everyone has different advice. I don't really want to add yet more supplements in or I will have no idea what works.

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Can anyone suggest what I should do? I am hiding away from everyone, don't want to talk or be seen and I feel so lonely. I have been putting hydrocortisone on my chest cyst and although I thought it helped overnight, it just seems to be getting bigger today. The one on my face is swollen and big and my neck looks like I have an adams apple. I am meant to go on a date tomorrow and I just want to cancel.

I have put finecia gel on the other too.

Please help, what can I do? I bought cider vinegar to try that but am I trying too much?

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