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Struggling! Don't Know What To Do!

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I don't know what to do anymore! I have tried everything!

So basically I have had acne and “skin problems” since I was about 10/11. Really young. I'm 22(female) now. When I was younger, my acne was basically on my forehead so I didn't think much of it. It was usually small pimples. My doctor prescribed medication when I was about 14 or 15. I don't remember what it was because it was so long ago. I just remember it didn't work. My doctor scheduled an appointment with the dermatologist for some reason I never went.

Long story short, I am struggling with my skin. I feel like my skin is worse than it has ever been. My acne is usually nodule(very large and painful). I do struggle with all types of acne. I have a lot of scars and dark marks. I have combination skin.

I'm just to the point where I think Accutane might be necessary.






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Did you end up seeing a dermatologist in the end? They can give you a better diagnosis on the type of acne you have and suggest a proper series of pills/creams. I don't they will give you accutane without exhausting some of the more common treatments first. At least that was what happened in my case. I went through everything before they gave me accutane. It worked while I was on it but the acne came back after I stopped taking it. So I did another 2 rounds of accutane and the same thing happened after I stopped taking it.

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You could consider eliminating certain reaction causing foods such as gluten, dairy and corn? Every time I eat any of those foods, especially corn and even potatoes I will break out in nodular bumps that hurt like hell. You can't squeeze them, they are just swollen, red and painful. This is the case for me at least but your case looks and sounds similar. If you are looking for some semi-immediate relief place a hot compress over the bumps for a couple mins. Once you've finished with the hot compress put tea tree, lavender, aloe, or any other antinflammatory solution over the bumps. I hope this helps you! I would love to hear of any progress.

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If you have tried everything, I would go for Accutane.

I feel stupid for not doing it sooner.

Tried EVERYTHING on Earth before Accutane.

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I had the same problem as you! I had severe acne was about to go on Accutane,had the booklet and everything but my mom pulled me out of it before I got the pills. My face is combination as well and I scar and get hyper pigmentation easily. Here are some things that helped me tremendously and I feel could help you:

Face scrub 3x a week

Cutting out fast food/soda from your diet

Drinking a small amount of apple cider vinegar at night (i'm going to start that again because i've been breaking out a little)

Fish oil after big meals.

Proper sleep

General exercise

Rooibos, white and green teas are good for your skin.

Products I recommend:

Depending on what your budget is, this is a little more expensive:

From Image Clear Cell Acne line- I like the gel cleanser and I still use the medicated acne lotion.

You can get a trial kit from the spa if you'd like to try it.

Cheaper products:

I'm getting good results from the Mario Badescu cleanser, I think I will try his acne toner next.

ZapZyt is a great spot treatment for big pimples super cheap

Apple Cider vinegar as a toner is great a little stingy but cheap and works wonders.

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