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Hi everyone,

I just recently started the Regimen. I've been through a lot of info on this website and after trying so many things finally broke down and started the regimen.

I'm 20 years old and I've constantly struggled with acne since probably 11 or 12. After watching so many people my age magically grow out of their acne somehow I realized it just wasnt going to happen for me and I needed to try something new.

I'm using all drug store products. I don't have them in front of me , but will post them sometime. I use a cetaphil cleanser and ordered my 2.5 bp gel online. Called Dr. songs .

So I'm at the end of my second week of the regimen. I've been following it pretty religiously.

I was semi clear when I started and after 1 week of the regimen my skin felt great and was clearing up quickly. I was so excited. I didn't experience any dry red or itchy skin . Now at the end of week two I'm starting to get pimples here and there and right now I have a very large painful acne cyst on my cheek. So frustrating! I'm now experiencing the flaky dry skin that everyone talks about and it's such a pain. Staying hopeful though and planning on adding jojoba oil into my routine. I plan to keep updating my progress and hopefully I will see results soon! I've dealt with this for so long and have scars to prove it, I'm just ready to have clear beautiful skin and not feel like I have to hide under make up all the time

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Good luck and keep the posts coming!! I have scars too :( Once we get the active acne under control then it's time to tackle those scars!!

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