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Dry Scabby Thing After A Week

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Exactly a week ago I had this pimple thing on my nose, i drained and everything was looking fine, all the nasty stuff came out.

Today, though, I still have scabby skin, the skin is very dry. For the last 4 days I ave been using moisturizers, aloe Vera etc but it is still dry. I have even picked off the dry skin a few times and tried to prevent it scabbing up but still the dry skin is here...i have kept myself hydrated, avoided the sun, moisturized and everything but it is still scabby...can someone recommend what to do?

shall i leave it and see it if goes on its own?

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try zinc cream (zinc oxide + vaseline), put thick layer on spot overnight

now im not sure wether its actually drying or moisturising exactly bcs it seems like it reduces wounds/pimples (kinda drying effect?) bt at the same time vaseline is said to lock moisture (saw in some this forum post) nd it feels somewhat moisturising

anyhow it should bring it down nd reduce redness alot (just hold it on as long as u can, do this at evening till when u wake up or when ur at home)

it is meant for dealing with open wounds and swollen areas

(also personally id pluck of scabs with tweezers nd then apply it nd then leave it alone for awhile bt idk if its ok to advice ppl to pluck off scabs, imo its not wrong however n works better tht way for me)

i got it from local drug store (pharmacy) btw

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