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24 Female 20Mg 2 Month Accutane Dairy

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Hello everyone,

I've never been one to log things or to write diaries but as I know friends who have taken accutane a few years back, no one seems able to remember their experience so well. All I remember is nose bleeds, the typical dry scabs either side of their lips and a really sweaty forehead in any mild heat. (This is still happening with a friend who ended their course over two years ago.

So I decided I would like to document my journey in hope it may help someone else some day!

So I am 24 years old and female, fit and weighing in at around 9st and 5 foot 5 tall.

I have decided to take my pill each evening just before bed with a small glass of milk.

I am some what in tune with my body and notice the slightest changes, which is why I have decided to take it in the evening as I usually feel queasy if I take any pills, accutane for me, seems to be no different there.

My acne I would say was mild-medium. Most of my spots were the deep under the skin boil type that take ages to heal and have left me with scars or after a few weeks they turn into white heads, then into scars - I cant win. I have tried many topical creams given to me by my derm which have only given me short term results.

**While reading this please note, I have always been sensitive to headaches, small things give me headaches, weather, pressure, light stress & even exessive facial expressions - I currently use botox to help treat this, which is wearing off at the time of writing but I am going to hold out until my accutane course is over, so if headaches are mentioned in this log, they may be personal issues rather than drug related**


No noticable side effects. Slight headache around 30 mins of taking my 1st pill. I didn't sleep too well.


No new spots on my face. Slight headache again around 30 mins of taking pill. Painful left knee while led down in bed - unsure on this as I had skipped the gym today. Woke up again in the middle of the night not tired, gazed out the windows for a while until returning to bed.





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Just wanted to toss something out to you as a sidenote just in case no one had made you aware... Accutane cannot be fully absorbed into the blood/body if it is not taken with fat. It is recommended to take the pill with at LEAST 20 grams of fat for maximum absorption potential. With you taking it only with a glass of milk, A) unless it is a huge glass of whole milk, you are not going to get optimum results from your course of Accutane which B) will more than likely make your acne relapse when you're done and essentially put you back at square one.

And although body aches are not an uncommon side effect of Accutane, I really doubt you'd be getting those on the second day. Anything is possible though I suppose.

Just try not to psych yourself out too much over it. It will come with it's side effects, but it's pretty tolerable if you can get there mentally.

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Day 5

Sleeping troubles have since subsided thankfully, probably me being a worrier. I have noticed light sensitivity with my eyes.

Nothing else to report during my missed days logs. Skin may not look like it in the photos but I am 100% noticing an improvement. I've had one or two spots pop up on my back but they have come and gone within two days, usually they are much bigger and last longer.

Thank you for your advice trollunderthebridge, I take it not long after my evening meal, I feel abit queezy after taking it so I dont want to take it right before or just after, its not a nice feeling but one I usually get with all pills, paracetamol included





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