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Can You Guys Tell Me If This Skin Routine Is Okay

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If it is I will follow it.


- Glycolic Facial Cleanser: Glycolic Acid at 4.9% removes surface impurities. Calendula, Chamomile and Aloe Vera nourish and soothe. Vitamins A, C and E nourish and protect.

-Vit E Serum

-Dan's BP

- Vit E 15 Spf Facial Moisturizer


- Glycolic Facial Cleanser: Glycolic Acid at 4.9% removes surface impurities. Calendula, Chamomile and Aloe Vera nourish and soothe. Vitamins A, C and E nourish and protect.

- Vit E Serum

-Dan's BP

- Vit E Moisturizer No Spf

----I also have one for my Eye

Morning and Night

-Vit E C and A Serum

---- Question:

Is it ok to apply Vit A C and E serum to my face after Benzoyl or Before?

Im also trying to make sure I wont look old when I grow up. Im only 20.


Tell me what you guys think and I'll be less stress :> and will it effect the bp.

Thank you

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Keep the BP away from your mouth and eyes and use it sparingly, only at night. Your skin has a water barrier and oils will block the medication from penetrating.

Try just the BP while you sleep, a very thin layer over your entire face, very lightly and sparingly on your neck if you're broken out there- the more area you cover, the more the medicine penetrates- except for those sensitive areas until your acne starts to dry out. Moisture all night pressed into a pillow can create a breeding ground for bacteria (but you can use your A, C and E serums around your eyes and mouth at night.)

During the day, if you've used BP at night, make sure your neck is getting those serums as that's the same kind of thin tissue that ages quickly as your mouth and undereye skin.

Skin become resistant to BP and just dries surface skin without lifting it, and glycolic doesn't lift (just loosens- it's gentle) creating more acne, so try a couple weeks with the BP with 2 weeks off in between. Try Tea Tree Oil mixed with your serums, or a Tea Tree serum (I like Body Shop's brand) on your weeks off BP if you're very oily.

Don't use Vitamin E topically on active acne lesions- only dried out or healing ones.

If you're mixing the A, C, E serum, awesome. All you need are 2-3 drops of serum under your moisturizer, because moisture breeds bacteria and your acne needs oxygen to clear out, which is what the O in the BPO is trying to do.

Good luck!

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I would agree with TurnOver, applying BP in the evening rather than the morning, and by itself without the serum, but I would say a little moisturiser after applying the BP would be a good idea as BP is rather drying. I used to use a cream called Epiduo which is a mixture of BP and adapalene and then apply Cetaphil moisturiser, which is specifically for sensitive skin. That seemed to work well. Unlike TurnOver, I've read that skin cannot become resistant to BP - it's not an antibiotic that acne bacteria can develop an immunity to. I would advise using it sparingly, and once you're skin is under control I would suggest trying to use it less often if possible - but VERY gradually. Other than that - I would say it looks good.

I also started using a glycolic acid face wash a few weeks ago and have found it's really great to use!

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