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Things To Do For Hyperpigmentation/ Red Marks/mild Scarring

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1. Be consistent with products + patient

2. The list below may improve appearance of scars but this is mainly for hyperpigmetation+ red marks.

3. Sorry for any spelling errors

4. Be careful with acids not recommended for darker skin people and make sure your not allergic to any of these - test it on skin

5 Oils can be comedogenic

Hyperpigmetation- skin lighteners

Top ones

Uva ursi extract- arbutin ( bearberry)

licorice extract

licorice + niacinammide



glycoylic acid


Green tea

Kojic acid


aloesin- found in aloe vera plant


General Hyperpigmentation remedies that have been mentioned by previous active acne.org members.

Fenugreek Paper mulberry mandelic acid

Ginko biloba Linoleic acid malic acid

Gallic acid Oleic acid manuka honey/ forest honey

Ginseng Glutathione lactic acid - yoghurt face mask

Hesperidin Eucerin dark spot corrector honey + almond face mask

Egg white Clinique dark spot corrector Japanese rice wine/ sake- has kojic acid

Salicylic acid Chickpea face mask- besan gram flour apple cider vinegar

cane sugar scrub Salt scrub Papaya enzyme- papain

Oats mask Rice flour scrub Korean Ginseng

Application of fresh chammonile flowers Tamanu oil

Olive oil - comedegonic Emu oil

alove vera gel Calendula oil

Lemon arnica


mother of pearl



Red marks

1) red marks are inflammed skin therefore a healthy diet is eeded also. It takes time for red marks to fade.

Top not in order

Apple cider vinegar

Egg white

Likas papaya soap - beware of fakes which wlill cause acne.

Korean ginseng

uva ursi

aloe vera

Glycolic acid

licorice root extract



Curd mask

Use things mentioned in general section for hyperpigmentation

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can someone tell abt expierience nd effects on those, also wheter its ok to put them right after dermarolling/stamping?? also link pls where to get good one?

Uva ursi extract- arbutin ( bearberry)

licorice extract

mandelic acid

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I've been using La Roche Possay Effaclar Duo Plus for the last couple of weeks and I already see a difference in my post inflammatory hyper pigmentation.

It's really exciting as I've tried so much other stuff. It contains a small percentage of salacylic acid which is a BHA. I've also heard good things from a friend about Paula's Choice BHA exfoliants but haven't tried it myself yet! Good luck!

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