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Does This Look Like Perioral Dermatitis?

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So i went to another derm to get a 2nd opinion on spiro and relayed to him my long history of acne treatments. He looked at my acne and said I have perioral dermatitis? Does this look like it or could he have been mistaken? It doesn't look like any of the pictures i've seen online.

So frustrated! He prescribed a prescription vitamin pack, a topical steroid (not going to use it) and a topical antibiotic for the treatment of PD

Any and all help would be appreciated.






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It's actually really difficult to tell from your photos. Here's a picture of me when I had POD:


In my experience POD is itchy, red, and the bumps are like little whiteheads and not like closed comedones. Maybe try changing your toothpaste and see if it helps? My POD was from a sudden reaction to vaseline even though I had used it for years without a problem. Once I stopped the vaseline it went away.

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I do have red bumps like that too! Also, many of them have pus in them. It is also greatly concentrated on my chin, lower and upper sides of my mouth. It doesn't itch though so does that mean its not PD?

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It's possible. As suggested I would get a non-fluoride natural toothpaste, refrain from applying anything to the area (including lip balms), and see what happens.

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Yeah, it could be POD. Try the fluoride free toothpaste and maybe sls free too. Like Quetzcoatl said, avoiding lip balms is a good idea too.

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I have used flouride free toothpaste for years and my cleaner and moisturizer are SLS free so i doubt that;s the issue. I also still have acne too...sigh. I think i'll use the topical antibiotic the derm prescribed and forgo the steroid cream.. I also hear oral antibiotics can help clear it up if it is indeed POD

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