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Almost Two Years On Regimen But Still Having Constant Facial Acne

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Before I started the regimen my skin was a war zone. Lots of zits, cysts, it was a mess. After about 8 months on the regimen my skin cleared up roughly 85% but that was it, it never got any clearer than that. About a month ago I tried the abstinence from any kind of sex or masturbation thing as well as eating absolutely no dairy for a month straight at the same time, my skin broke out just as much as before the whole time despite this. After going back to occasionally eating lactose free cheese and not abstaining from sex my skin actually cleared up slightly. Right now im stuck in a constant pattern where I get a deep zit cyst on the cheek of my face and have at least one or two active ones each week. As soon as one heals and the scar fades a new one starts developing on the other cheek of my face and does an endless alternating pattern from left cheek to right cheek, sometimes just one at a time or sometimes two at a time. I'm at a loss now and cant seem to get this pattern to stop no matter what I try.... I think it may be adrenal fatigue as I have many of the symptoms that. Can anyone with a similar situation help me out or give me some ideas? I don't know what to do anymore. It starts as a small red inflamed mark that steadily grows into a bump but has no head, eventually after a week it will come to a head, when I try to pop it finally the result is a massive inflammatory response so much that it creates a small bulging inflamed lump at the site of the mark.

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Alright so I'm pretty sure now that the inflamed bumps are ingrown hairs caused by shaving because when I stop shaving for a week the inflamed marks on my cheeks and jawline go away completely. The bacteria is probably being spread allover from the razor being reused which also contributes. I have to shave for my job so ill be experimenting with single blade disposables and electric shavers next.

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Please, anyone that was getting inflamed ingrown hairs from shaving give me some advice or input on how you dealt with it and what products you used besides the obvious solution which would be to just let it grow which I cant because of my job.

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I stopped shaving completely because I used to suffer bad rashes and my acne would flare up worse. What I do now is use a razor that cuts hair quite close to the skin without cutting the skin. It leaves a very little bit of stubble, hardly noticeable. I use a Wahl trimmer. Using a high frequency device straight after shaving used to help calm the rash that would eventuate, but it never completely abated the problem. I used an electric shaver with worse results, but I probably used the wrong technique.

I also use a very mild enzyme exfoliant once or twice a week also with my razor/trimmer for gentle exfoliation, since I don't shave. I have read that a compromised skin barrier is more susceptible to break outs, and of course shaving is quite a strong exfoliating process. I use a hydration spray on my skin before trimming the hair, so that my skin is moisturised and not so dry. I apply actives and moisturise after I finish trimming my hair. I really like Avene thermal water (helps calm inflammation) and Osmosis mineral hydration mist.

Also a calming mask a few times a week could help with the inflammation caused by shaving- especially if used after the high frequency device, or something else that's mild and anti microbial, so that you are reducing inflammation and bacteria.

There are many threads in the forum on shaving. They would be a good place to go to.

Also, just on the off chance, is there any way for your doctor/derm to write you a professional letter allowing you to only shave occasionally that you could take to your work?

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So my manager went on vacation and I decided to be a rebel and not shave for about more than a week now. My skin on my face and cheeks has cleared up completely! and my scars are fading more and more every day regardless of what I eat or do so now I know shaving is definitely destroying my skin. I tried using a wahl buzzer to keep the length short and it worked ok, Somehow I still got two ingrown hairs as a result even though I didnt buzz close to the skin but they healed quicker than usual. I tried shaving my neck with a single blade disposable as I refuse to have a sloppy looking neckbeard and payed dearly, I got a HUGE ingrown hair cyst on the side of my neck that is very painful and is just now starting to calm down after four days. Upon looking closer at my hair I noticed something, my facial hair is curly? is that possible? Some of the hairs actually curl off every which way, I've heard this is a hallmark of the ingrown hair problem as the hair curls back into the skin causing problems. I also noticed on my neck that my hair grows in a very irregular pattern in all different directions so trying not go against the grain is near impossible because the grains are facing all different ways as I go up my neck. Is anyone having crazy shit like this going on with their beard? I'm at a loss, I did some reading and I really dont feel like using a ton of products on my face to calm it down from shaving and still have ingrown hairs happen. I work in a hospital and im not allowed to have facial hair so it doesn't matter what any doctor note says. Do dermatologists address this condition? should I see one about it? If they are just going to throw antibiotics at me or some epiduo gell crap and call it a day I will laugh in their face and call them an idiot because thats been there go to cure all for every time I see a new dermatologist. All the dermatologists have been completely useless in the past for me and always insist on shoving antibiotics down my throat so thats why im hesitant on even bothering

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