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Is My Accutane Dose Too Low?

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Hey guys I weigh 70kg and am taking 20mg a day. This is my second accutane course and I am still get about 3-4 new zits a day even though it's been 7 weeks now. Basically my face looks the same as it did before starting accutane. I have moderate acne, no cysts but really persistent. At 7 weeks in my previous course I was on 40 mg a day and improvements were definitely noticed. I also had perfect skin which lasted seven months after finishing my first accutane course. Does this mean that my dose this time is too low? I need help on this since my derm is on leave grr.

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Different dermatologists go about it different ways, yours might want you to be on a lower dosage for a longer time frame. It's best asking him/her.

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Check with your derm but your dose seems low in comparison to your weight. If side effects are bearable, ask your derm for an increase.

Good Luck

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There is some research out there currently that taking a lower dose for a longer period can decrease your chances of relapse (based on the assumption that the length of time the sebaceous gland is suppressed is significant for relapse risk). However, some people do find that they have a hard time reaching clearance with such a low dose. One possibility is to up it a little until you are clear, and then take it back down.

Best of luck!

And 7 weeks is not that long. It often takes 3-4 months to see significant clearance, even on a regular course. And many second-timers (myself included) find it takes longer to get clear on the second course than it did on the first.

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