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What Should I Eat & Stay Away From?

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I have pretty bad severe acne from my back to neck to chest to face. I feel like I eat really bad and want to change but I'm not sure what to stay away from and foods or supplements that can help cure acne. Any help?

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well try to eat as fresh as possible, avoid processed foods, increase your veggies and fruits intake, and drink lots of water!

try to cut down on dairy and gluten products. i'm not saying taking them off your diet completely, but think twice before snacking on them, as they are usually a quick and easy fix.

that said, don't expect a miracle right away, or a major improvement in your acne, as usually acne isn't solely caused by a bad diet.

remember though, it will have a good impact on your health, regardless of your acne (I used to get sick at least twice a year before i changed my diet to improve my skin, but haven't got sick ever since, and it's been a year now *knock on wood*)

good luck

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Avoid fast food, fried foods and any added sugar. At least 72% cocoa chocolate is okay, in moderation.

Eat healthy fats(salmon, coconut oil, almonds), vegetables and fruit, especially berries! Try watching your sugar and carb intake, cause too much of either can spike some hormone and lead to extra sebum production, this more acne

Also drink lots of water!!!! This is super important. You can even add lemon to it to help flush out toxins faster, but be careful cause lemon can break down teeth.

Lastly, sleep and exercise; sleep 8ish hours a night and exercise at least 3x a week. Good luck!

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