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Lymecycline 408Mg

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Hi, I've never wrote a review before but find myself spending hours reading the reviews of others.

I just wanted to share my experience and help anyone who suffers with similar symptoms.

Firstly, I was never a acne sufferer through school. Id occasionally get the odd huge zit but that was all. I was 21 when I started breaking out and thought it would clear itself up. I couldn't be more wrong. It got significantly worse, I was breaking out something terrible. It knocked my confidence massively, I felt dirty and ugly, my skin tone changed, I hated looking at myself I was paranoid every1 was looking at me constantly. I was even embarrassed infront of my mum.

I, like every other acne sufferer tried every product and treatment and it continued to get worse.

I went my GP and got creams, they weren't very effective. Until my doctor subscribed Lymecycline 408mg for 3months 1 per day. 3and a half months later I can't believe the change in my skin. I've regained my confidence, not fully but I look and feel so much better.

At first, I thought they were the same as every other product and not working but i continued taking them as I had nothing to lose.

I honestly can't rate these enough. If your persistent, you will see a difference 100% I am left with scarring and a few spots here and there but nothing like before.

I do have before and after pictures which are embarrassing but I'll upload to show the improvement

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I'm on this exact same treatment at the moment (just started my 6th week of 8) and I agree, it has helped a lot. Still getting spots but nowhere near as bad.

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