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20Mg/day Accutane -- Anabolic Steroid Induced Acne

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I am 18 years old, I am an amateur bodybuilder.

I suffer from mild acne on the face (have since puberty, steroids did not change this), but exogenous testosterone, drostanolone, and trenbolone administration have caused moderate-severe acne to blow up on my shoulders and across my lower back to mid-upper back.

This thread is not to discuss my decision to use steroids, why I do, or why I shouldn't. But I will post the compounds and dosages I will be using throughout this Accutane run, and I'm open to discussion of them and their effects on acne with other bodybuilders. There are many of us out there lurking forums like acne.org and seeking Accutane to fight steroid-induced acne, although the majority of us can control it with other means.

Currently running:

20mg/day Testosterone Propionate

75mg/day Masteron Propionate

100mg/day Trenbolone Acetate

Dropping test and upping mast has improved my shoulder acne. I think 30mg/day test and 50mg/day mast had my e2 levels a little bit too high, surprisingly.

Day 1

Took my first 20mg

Nothing else to note yet

Going to pick up lip stuff tomorrow to have on hand.

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Thank you Hello Accutane :)

Day 3

No new notable blemishes have cropped up since starting the Accutane

I think my face and shoulders may be a bit drier now after I take my morning shower, but this could be placebo.

Will continue keeping an eye out for effects and side effects.

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Day 7

2 days ago the dry lips finally kicked in and today they are in full force

I woke up with chapped lips and a little bit of cracking and blood. Will be using a lot of lip balm now.

There has already been a SEVERE reduction in NEW acne activity on my shoulders/back. Basically the acne that was there prior to accutane is already settling down and I just have a bunch of red spots which I expect to fade

Already very impressed

No flare-ups since starting tane

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I am not judging you - just curious. Are you concerned about the effect accutane has on your tendons and ligaments? From what I understand, doctors discourage weight lifting and other strenuous exercise because accutane has been associated with higher incidents of stress-fractures and permanent arthritis.

I would think it would be very devastating to you and your professional development as a body-builder if this happened, especially given that you are so young. Are you taking any precautions to reduce the chance of this happening to you?

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All I can say is be careful with your lifting while on this stuff---my dose is much higher than yours (100mg) but I've had to give up squats and lots of back movements as the lower back pain was just too much. Even normal weight training related recovery times have practically doubled for me so I've gone from a well regimented 3 or 4 day lifting routine (before I started Accutane) to just doing cardio and then some accessory movements----compounds have gone out the window for me (hopefully) for the time being.

Best of luck by the way.

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I'm not too worried. I think I may have noticed some increased joint pain but it's not a lot on 20mg/day, so far (Day 12). I had pre-existing tendonitis before accutane so it's hard to attribute any daily pains to accutane, but if there has been an increase, it hasn't been too significant. I have been lifting light and very high reps anyway for some time due to the joint problems. I'm also planning to introduce nandrolone phenylpropionate to my stack soon which has a reputation of providing joint relief and lubricating the joints. I will likely run that for the next few months at 50mg daily.

I will continue doing low weight high rep training.

Day 12

Lips are dry, chapped, and cracked. I have 1 big crack at the corner that is very frustrating, reopens everytime I eat.

Need to be more consistent with lip balm application.

Skin is more sensitive to burning now I am sure.

Shoulder acne new activity continues to be very little, and what already existed before is continuing to dry up.

Running my hands over my shoulders, there are much less bumps (active acne). Much smoother. But still lots of discoloured marks which I hope are not scars.

Bacne seems less raised, not as painful or active

Thanks for the good wishes and concerns guys

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Day 22

Continues to be less active acne on shoulders and back

Skin around mouth and nose is dry, irritated, sometimes red.

Lips are truly awful. After restraining laughter and smiling for a good 3 days though my lip corner has healed, trying not to resplit it now. But the whole bottom lip is split quite badly as well

Buckling down on lip care. Starting vitamin E, drinking a lot more water, and going out to seek Dr Dans Cortibalm tomorrow. Any other lip tipcs greatly appreciated

Dropped my dose to 10mg/day until I get my lips under control. They're seriously hampering on my quality of life at the moment. Talking can be painful. Couldn't smile today.

Perhaps slightly more painful golfer's elbow, but could be a lot of factors

All in all the accutane is working well. As my shoulders and back clear up I realize how many scars I have (a LOT) so my only regret is not seeking the medication sooner.

Bought 1.5mm derma roller to be used on scars once the acne is gone and I am off accutane

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I'm exited for you! I'm thinking of going on accutane as well.although my acne is not that bad but I do always get 2 huge cyst that bother the hell out of me and I'm allergic to benzoil peroxide and nothing seemed to work for me.my only concern is I have cracky dry joints already and im thinking i should try glucosamine to help with that before accutane of course.best of luck:)

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Hey, welcome to the Accutane band wagon! Haha. I'm about a month ahead of you and I have had HORRIBLE lip issues, blistering, skin sloughing/peeling off, and raw swollen lips. I've tried pretty much everything I can get my hands on...

Nivea chapstick- normally my favorite before Accutane but doesn't do the trick on it.

Dr.Dans- everyone swears by it but it did nothing for me.

Aquaphor- another one Accutane users love, this one is pretty good.

Plain old Vaseline- pretty good for overnight

Neosporin lip treatment- I've got the overnight one and I really like that, wish I could get ahold of the daytime moisturizer one!

Bath & body works- their regular/basic stuff with shea butter it's called My Favorite Lip something-or-other (can't remember the last part of the name, plus not sure that you'd love using it because it's more of a lip gloss, but it's amazing!) It's my go to right now, you could always go get some and just say you're buying it for your girlfriend ;P

EOS chapstick ball- lips are too sensitive to try a firmer chapstick

I have noticed that drinking more water, keeping some product on my lips at all times, and using something with SPF for in the sun helps too.

Sorry that was so long but I know I'm desperate enough for help with my lips that I'd do just about anything that Someone suggested, I'd read a damn novel on what to try haha. Good luck and let me know if any of those work and/or if you find something you like!

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Hi -

Cortisone is a lifesaver for lips. If you can get your hands on a prescription cortisone cream or gel (i.e., the kind for dermatitis or rash), that is even better. For the over-the-counter cortisone, slather it on your lips like lipbalm before you put the lipbalm on, and it should help it to clear up in a few days. However, the prescription stuff will clear up the cracks on the side of your lips in about 2-3 days.

If the script doesn't work, you probably have Angular Cheilitis caused by a bacterial or fungal infection. I think fungal is the more common one. For this, you need to go to a doctor as the longer you let it go, the harder it will be to get rid of it without antifungals or antibiotics, the harder it will be to get rid of it.

My lips were also a disaster on accutane. While I kept the cracks and bleeding under control with lipbalm (constant application about once every 10 minutes or so) and cortisone (as needed), my lips peeled like paper no matter what I did. My lips went back to normal about a week after I stopped accutane.

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Megtree- Thank you for your tips! They tried prescription strength hydrocortisone cream but it burnt when I put it on and I was afraid it was making it worse. They ended up doing Desonide ointment and gel, it's another type of steroid and the 'medium' it's in is supposed to not burn. I use that a few times a day with aquaphor on top and that definitely helps. It's not so much cracking as it is raw. And I know it's expected for them to be chapped but it's the swelling and blisters that I just can't take. It's mentally upsetting.

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Thank you all for the great advice

Day 24

Upping water intake a lot and halving my dose, as well as more constant lip balm application (switched from nivea hydro something to an old Avon stick I had lying around, not sure the exact name, but the Avon is working better) has helped my lips hugely in the last 2 days. Corner of mouth is healed, lip itself is almost fully healed

Picked up 0.5% hydrocortisone ointment as I could not get Dr Dans. Applied once, but now that my lips are so much better I haven't been motivated to put it on again lol but I am about to, before I sleep.

Shoulders and back still do have active acne, but continues to be less as time goes on. Smoother shoulders. I thought I had tons of scars but I think I just have some scars and most of my spots seem to just be hyperpigmentation spots or very superficial scars. In any case, my shoulders and back are very very spotted with something that is not active acne. I have ordered Retin A cream online which I plan to use after accutane for the spots.

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