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When Did The Dryness End For You?

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Today is day 2 of week 4 and they dryness is worse than ever!!! My skin has been relatively clear except yesterday i got my first pimple in forever! It's a cyst on my cheek..but it's also about to be that time of the month so I'm hoping its due to that.

Anyways...I use mineral foundation and when I wear makeup my skin looks awful! But I don't feel comfortable not wearing it out in public yet due to all the hyper-pigmentation. But...I don't know what to do. I look like a lizard and I'm constantly flaking.

I use 3 pumps of the moisturizer day and night just to add extra moisture and it doesn't seem to make much of a difference. And I'm only using 3/4s length of a finger of bp right now, not even the full amount yet. I can't use the jojoba oil cause It seems to break me out.

I will start using the AHA next week so I'm hoping that will help me a lot, But when did the dryness go away from you? I am hoping here that it will be soon... :/

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I spot treat with BP during the day then apply the full layer at night. It was the only way I could stop the dryness. Also even though I was so dry I was so oily and since Ive cut down on BP my oil production has slowed too.

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I've been doing the regimen for a few years now, the dryness is an up and down battle. I live in Ohio so when it gets cold outside my face tends to be very dry no matter how much moisturizer I use. If you are having good success then mabye like they said try doing the bp once a day.

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I do the regimen but instead of doing it twice a day, I do it only at night (and I mix the aha and moisturizer together so I can constantly battle flakes and peeling). In the morning, I wash my face and lightly pat it with a towel; I make sure my skin is damp before I apply the moisturizer so I can seal in the moisture, and so my face doesn't look so parched (because I look like this weird shedding reptile if I just let my skin dry and then put on moisturizer). And then I put on sunscreen so my face doesn't burn/tan as a result of the bp and aha.

I know that I'm not following the regimen exactly and that it will take a longer time to see improvements, but I feel that you should be able to tune it to your needs a bit. If I end up not becoming completely clear (I've only been doing this for 5-6 weeks), I'll just add a very thin layer of bp in the daytime. I believe that you can't go too slow with progressing on the Regimen; as long as you have patience and stay diligent you'll see results.

So yeah, just try it only at night for a while and see if your skin is still improving. When you add in the aha, you'll see better results when it comes to the flakes and dryness.

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for me the worst part of the itchiness/dryness was over in the first week and a half, but my skin was still peeling and dry until a little into week 4. I'm sure your skin just needs more time to adjust. If the jojoba oil breaks you out, then try what i did which is to use avocado oil or almond oil. They are both way more moisturizing than jojoba oil in my opinion, and they worked for me SO well! Hope this helps:)

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