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Post Pregnancy Acne

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I had my daughter five months ago now I am getting these deep bumps in my face. My skin can not tolerate any pro active products and my dove soap only helps clean my face. I use cetaphil at night to remove my bb cream. Nothing is clearing up my acne though. The bumps actually hurt now what can I use to clear this up?

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Hello! Congratulations on your baby! Sorry you're dealing with acne. How was your skin during pregnancy and before pregnancy? Our hormones get very out of whack after delivery. Even a few months afterwards. Are you breastfeeding? If not, are you using any medications? I also had a baby 8 months ago. I use the regimen and used it while pregnant. I think it's one thing that helps keep my acne away. I'm also breastfeeding. I still breakout quite a bit only when my period comes. I have the painful red, medium in size papules. This last cycle I don't know if it was the new makeup I tried (face broke out the day after I began using it) but I ended up with 6 effin zits. I know I'm getting one when I get an itchy sensation in the area. Anyway, I'm an esthetician and am very in to skin care, especially hormonal and pregnant women. I know the feeling. I've been through it all. Hope to chat with you. Keep your head up Hun.

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