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Botox For Enlarged Pores

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I finally had this procedure done and wanted to let people know about my results. The pores on my nose are huge after years of having really oil skin/blackheads and extracting improperly, in a way that damaged my skin. So my nose has a combination of enlarged/damaged pores.

Recently, I moved to the Southwest, and my pores were looking even worse. I guess the combination of dry air and heat made them look like these huge holes. I felt so self-conscious. I had thought about getting botox for my pores before, and watching my skin get worse was the motivator I needed to finally try it. The idea is that the oil production/blackhead weaken the muscles around the pore and eventually make it difficult for them to contract/close.

I paid about $225 to get botox injected into my nose. Only one doctor in the area who I tried to contact would do it. At first, I didn't notice any improvement, and was very disappointed. It's been two months now, though, and I definitely see improvement. My nose does not look flawless because there is still scarring, but the pores definitely look better, probably at least 50% improvement. I think I will get laser treatment done immediately after my next botox treatment to get the best results and hopefully permanently reverse some of the scarring of these pores.

Hope this was helpful! I know there are other people struggling with the same issue.

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what on earth is 'wrong' with large pores ? I know in beauty mags they post pics of airbrushed models and other models which do not have visible pores but in mens mags models have visibles pores and still look good. Are large pores symbolic of masculinity or simply a beauty ideal touted in mags ? If the latter then I have seen a number of male models with large pores so I would not be so concerned about this.

Its very difficult for femmes generally, even more so in the USA but the answer lies not in chasing beauty industry dreams but considering our own attitudes etc to appearance and probably finding a good man.

The beauty industry is a lie and exerts huge pressure for women to conform to this lie by offering answers to woes in the form of creams, dreams and surgical procedures, all of which enmesh further. Easy to write hard to do but in the long run its harder if the 'choice' taken is to go along with the industry and buy its wares.

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There's a difference between having visible pores and enlarged/scarred pores. I'm guessing you don't have either since you can't relate.

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