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2 Months In...have A Few Questions

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Well I am just about to enter my 3rd month of accutane and I have a few questions, but first let me explain the situation.

I was prescribed 40mg from the start and suffered no Inital breakout.

So far I have had absolutely no improvements with my skin. Still breaking out with 3-4 new ones everyday...

my lips feel fairly dry but not as bad as I thought it would be..(sometimes I can go with

up to 3-4 hours without applying aquaphor) my face is fairly dry too.

First question: is it normal for someone to see no results or improvments AT ALL in 2 months?

second: my doctor only plans to have me on accutane for 3 total months..that means I only have 1 month left with no results so far.

He did talk about doing 4 months total if I did not see results near the very end of treatment.. should I push for 4 month or maybe even 5-6 months?

I weigh 61kg so my cumulative does is around 59mg/kg if I go on it for 3 months....that seems very low?

Third: I had bloodwork after my first month and everything was fine. After I visited my doctor to get another prescription I asked about when I would need bloodwork again. He said It looked fine after 1 month so I wont need to get it again for the rest of my treatment....is this safe/normal?

Im just worried my doctor does not know what he is doing..he has been the family doctor since I was a baby so I want to trust him..but im starting to doubt his knowlage when it comes to accutane

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i'm close to my third month and still breaking out,so don't worry. i'm on 20 mg one day and 40 mg the other.

Anyways i'm not breaking out all over my face or "that" bad at all now. I get one pimple a week on one side of my cheeks. I still have a couple of comedones there,so i expect a little bit more of purging,hopefully small zits.

At the moment i have two actives on my right cheek,and some under the skin bumps,but not cysts. Marks are fading.

Dont quit !

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Yes, I would bring this up with your doctor. Ask about the purging. Honestly, looking back, I realize when I started taking it as an adult, I was probably breaking out for six months, but I had severe hormonal acne.

5 to 6 months will not be worse or better than 4.

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