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Blackheads & Large Pores Possibly Worse On Accutane Help/thoughts Please

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Just wondering if any past or present Accutane users can help.

I'm just into my first month on Accutane and after a hideous initial break out that started around 8 days in I am finally starting to clear smiles all round!!

I'm 30 and have had Accutane twice before so was expecting the IB - basically got a spot everywhere I normally get them - all at the same time though!!! However what has been different is a FREAKING LOAD OF BLACKHEADS on my nose !!!!!!!! Not suffered with blackheads since my VERY early teens even though I'm super oily, so this was a mega noticeable occurrence to me, there were loads!!!!

A month on and my nose is totally dry but there are still a few blackheads left but what is worse is that I seem to have been left with what is possibly open pores - I'm really not sure though as I've never suffered from them?!? Or whatever this is!!!

They're not really visible unless v v close up in mirror without makeup, but when I put my make up on it's almost as if it shrinks back from around them as if it possibly can't cover it, very, very odd, almost like when you pick a dry spot (naughty) then try to put make up over and it just won't cover as it's still wet underneath. I've not picked or touched my nose though.

Bit upset to be honest as it's just a bummer when everything else is getting better but seems to have been replaced by this. Anyone else had this, is it normal, does it go?? My sis had Accutane last year and said her pores shrunk!!!!

Any thoughts and advice appreciated xo

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Your pores will shrink too. I had the same issue, I believe the blackheads are clogs coming to the surface of your skin and eventually falling out, leaving behind stretched pores. As your skin begins exfoliating normally, your pores should go back to normal.

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Hi Megtree,

Thanks for getting back to me, glad to know I'm not going mental! All the blackheads bar one have now gone but the pores are awful how long did yours take to shrink back? Its really getting to me at the moment, feel like I've replaced one problem with another! x

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