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How Yo Treat Acne In Pregnancy

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Hey all ,

I am suffering from acne since a year , mostly on my cheeks , in january my GP prescribed me with minocin for 3 months differin gel and clindoxyl gel , this combination didnt worked for me and my 3 months were wasted , then she gave me doxycycline for 3 months and retina -A

On my 2nd month on doxycycline i got pregnant so i have to stop using them.

Its 2 week since i am doing nothing for my

acne and its even more worse now , my GP Said that she can not help me with acne all i can do now is just wash my face with mild cleanser.

I so wanted to get rid of this acne i feel so helpless :( i dont wanna see my self in mirror any more i look horrible :( i am happy that i an pregnant but sad because of my face .

So is there any one who has been in this same situation or is there any thing i can do.


Currently using dove for sensitive skin morning and at night and i have very very oily and sensitive skin

Previously used ( not suited me )

Cetephil cleanser and soap for sensitive

Olay foarming face wash

Spectro gel facewash

Neuttogena oil free acne face wash

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Retinods and oral meds are a no no as they may hurt the fetus but BP i believe is safe to use during pregnancy. Have you tried The Regimen from this site?

Chin Up and Congrats - To bring new life into the world is an amazing thing.

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I was in your position and I'm glad I came across my routine that I have now, because my face looked absolutely horrible, and pregnancy was limiting me from doing much. So I'm 6 months pregnant right now and I started to follow these steps daily about a month ago. BP will be your holy grail! You can pick up bp at any drugstore, but the tubes aren't very big, so you best bet would be to buy the "treatment" from acne.org, it comes with a lot more and is cheaper. I find the cleanser and moisturizer can be substituted. but use the bp morning and night and you will notice the biggest change! My face hasn't been this clear in years...i'm very happy! I signed up just to answer you, because I was in your place and it was horrific. so pick up some BP asap! :) hope it goes well for you! Good luck! And congrats on your miracle!

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I saw your post and wanted to reply as I am in the same boat. First off, congratulations on your baby! It is an exciting and stressful time and having acne breakouts only add to the stress. Not only did my acne look like that of a prepubescent 13 year old boy, but I developed chest and back breakouts. It was so bad at times I would cry! The good news is once baby is born our hormones will level out so hang in there! I have used so many natural and otc remedies and none really worked until my most recent process and products. Everyone is different but I hope this helps you. My acne is not completely clear but it has improved 50 to 60 percent. In the morning I wash my face, neck, chest, and back with Burt's Bees sensitive skin cleanser with the cotton extract using my clarisonic mia with the acne solution brush. The Clarisonic had helped tremendously! After I moisturize my face only with the Burt's Bees sensitive skin lotion. At night, I hop in the shower to do the same process only I mix a small smudge of 3.5 % benzoyl peroxide mask/cleanser by Neutrogena in with the Burt's cleanser. Benzoyl Peroxide is classified as category C. Any absorbed through the skin would be instantly destroyed. It is not believed to be hazardous to a fetus. I have read mixed reviews on if youshould use or not but I feel like the small amount I use and low % is ok. If I remove it completely fromthe process it just does not work as well. I highly recommend getting a Clarisonic even though it is slightly costly. Make sure to replace the brush head every two months and wash your makeup brushes weekly. I also use disposable foundation sponges for application and take do my face routine immediately after I get home from work to remove my makeup. I hope this helps you and if you find something g better, please post! I have also found swimming at the pool has helped, probably from the chlorine, but I swim very infrequently. Best of luck :)

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