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Course Almost Done, Bacne ?

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im 19 yo, almost finished my 4 month course, no pimples left on my face. sometime i have 1 or 2 but go away really FAST.

im 140 pounds and 40mg/day on 4 months.

but my bacne never cleared up during my entire course ? i dont have bad bacne, just a really weird back with like lot of small not colored bumps but i got those big red pimples each week, they come and go, usually have about 3 or 4 at a time.

my derm told me my back is way better but look same thing for me.

face and back are the only places i ever have acne.

sometime i get on like chest or upper arms but its usually just one and its pretty rare.

is it normal that i have never cleared up entirely on my back in my entire course ? just this week i got 2 new back pimples and there half a month left to my course.

Thanks !

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Bacne takes the longest to cure according to my derm and also is a sign that you will struggle to completely out acne into remission even with accutane. I would suggest continuing your course until you go one whole month without any spots. Particularly if you are scarring.

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thanks! i cant really continue my course, no other meetup with my derm he said to finish my 4 months and take summer lightly cause of the warm and go back to him after summer if acne came back.

any other opinion?

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2 new big pimples on the back ,really red look like cyst.

face is super clear, havent broke out in weeks, got 1 or 2 really small whiteheads but go away in 1 or 2 days.

should i ask for another month or 2 ?

ive heard some pimples got clear after the course tho ( me its only my back )

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just asked the derm i cant get another month dunny why he seem to prescribe only 4 months for case like

me, small acne but very persistent and resistant! m

last week of

last month and still breaking out sometime on my back, got 1 pimple on my face that pretty much cleared away fast, otherwise its good.

do you guys think i will get a second cycle :/? i have an appointment with him in beggining of september.


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