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Needling Is A Marvel

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Well, I discovered needling a few years ago thanks to this board. Did it on and off inconsistently until I got on a more regular regimen every 4 to 5 weeks, depending on the intensity. Started on a budget manually poking each individual scar with a hypodermic needle, eventually moved on to the hand roller (didn't like it). About 2 years ago, I switched to a dermapen and used it in combination with SuperCop. The improvement I got was more than I expected.

My scars used to be pretty intense and noticeable from afar. People used to tell me they looked bad, especially because I was a girl and that I should get help. Well, people suck. And I think they are equally detrimental to a person's self esteem whether you are a boy or girl. I had them for 15 years after my acne remission with Accutane. I hated being seen in daylight or under fluorescent lights. Scars really affected me because I always saw them as permanent labels on my face. This is who I am now, this is who I will always be.

But that is now in the past. I'm happy to say that I am at a point I am satisfied with the results and the severity of my scars. They are by no means completely gone, but it takes a bit of a closeup for anyone to notice any indents.

I've had awesome improvement with the automatic pen/SuperCop and I've come a long way. However, I'd still like to improve on my overall skin tone. Although the indented scars are better, I still have a bad overall complexion. It's hard to explain, but it is the equivalent of and older person who has had a lot of battles over the years. I still look like I'm in my late 40's at 29. I have uneven color, some areas of red, sun spots, milia bumps that won't go away (white pearly bumps underneath eyes), dark eye circles, and a rough texture to my face.

All I keep hearing as a solution are chemical peels, chemical peels, chemical peels....Well, I'm deathly afraid of chemical peels. I've had practice with some derm prescribed, some over the counter stuff like Julie's A-Peel, Retina A, exfoliants etc.. These are just mild gradual peels. They seem to work temporarily, and for a bit my face seems clear and smooth. After the peel, my face is back to where it was, all bumpy and mottled.

I feel like in order to get visible, more permanent results, I'm looking at the really scary acid peels like TCA, Phenol peels or AHA's. I am deathly afraid of these. I also have a disadvantage. I live in a township where derms are not highly experienced with strong acids, or just don't offer it at all! I'd still consider a peel, just something not as scary and that maybe an esthetician can do without so much risk. Is there such a thing?

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Congrats on your improvements! I've yet to try needling, but reading your story gives me hopes. One question tho, what kinds of scarring did you have? mine is mostly icepicks/scarred pores and I am dubious as to whether it will work well on them...

For the overall complexion I would say start with something fairly weak like 12% TCA peel or 40% AHA peel... As long as you follow the instructions, there shouldn't be a problem.

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You must find a professional for tca. If you don't find any I'd never do it. what type of your scars? how deep? and how long the needle/rolling did you have?

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diy tca peels are not scary at all , easy to do , simple rules , awesome results

but if you are REALLY scary then go to the derm and get it done but will cost you couple hundreds rather then like $30 bottle of tca that last forever

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And I think they are equally detrimental to a person's self esteem whether you are a boy or girl.

I totally agree with this. I also think that people making comments that for a 'girl it is worse', places undue pressure on girls to have no 'flaws' in an already superficial society, and reinforces the patriarchal notions that females must look pretty or flawless above everything else they can be or achieve. Moreover, in my experience and opinion, it also places undue pressure on guys, who have to disregard being overly concerned with the aesthetic, because it is somehow 'feminine' and therefore a weakness. It is ridiculous.

(ETA: sorry, currently having to write some essays for Uni, hence the above. Sorry for the rambling :P)

That being said, we still DO live in this world, and we all want to look our best. So congrats on the improvements. May I ask what type of scars you had?

I also have scars and rough texture, making me look older (I believe). I have started on a new skincare line -Osmosis- and they do something called an 'INFUSION PEEL', which is apparently supposed to maintain and improve both epidermal and dermal functionality and appearance. I myself am hoping to have this done soon, as it doesn't seem as harsh and aggressive as other peels I've had (like the Green Peel-stay away from that! Lol). The Infusion Peel is supposed to allow the infusion of actives like Retinaldehyde into the dermis to effect change. That's what Osmosis states anyway. Perhaps it is something you can look into and try before going with harsher or stronger treatments??

I was reading a review of it in 'TruthInAging', but being a noob here I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post a link to it re the board rules.

Also, perhaps another option you can look at to smooth your texture and plump your skin is Airgent/Enerjet??? I'm also looking into it for my own skin issues.

All the best and again congrats on the improvement.


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