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Hey all

I was hoping I wouldn't have to be in this position again, but here I am

I recently came off Accutane 40mg/day for 7 months.

During the treatment I was clear around 3 or 4 months in, however 4 months post treatment I am staring to break out again and it appears to be getting worse.

To be honest I think my dosage wasn't high enough, hence the early relapse.

I understand that your skin may respond differently do topicals after a course of accutane.

My options are:

1.) Begin dan's regimen twice a day

2. ) Use prescription epiduo cream once a day at night

3.) When I go back to my derm in 3 months ask for a second and higher dose of accutane.

If I had an appointment next week I would probably ask to go straight back onto the tane but in the mean time I am willing to experiment.

I also believe there is a 6 month wait until you can take a second dose?

I am currently only using a face wash and spot treating with tea tree oil.

Does anyone have any recommendations? or has used either of these products?

I have heard good things about dans regimen, but epiduo seem's like it would be more effective as it contains a retinoid? My skin is pretty used to topicals so irritation isn't much of an issue. The retinoid may also help with pigmentation and is obviously an easier regimen than applying twice a day like dans.

With dans regimen however, I do like the idea of using a moisturizer. (I would probably use one with epiduo aswell)

Just for the record, feel free to ask me anything about my experience on accutane, if you are considering it or just curious.

A few points:

- I did get an initial breakout (2-3 weeks in)

- no major side effects

- lower back and joint pain occasionally

- dry skin

- dry lips (most noticeable side effect)

- Pigment on pre existing scars are more obvious

- Contact dermatitis on forearms at one point but easily resolved with moisturizer

- skin inside your nose peels off (only 2 or 3 nose bleeds throughout the entire course)

- Defiantly use sun screen.

This is probably because I was on a low dose for my weight (80kg), however It really isn't as bad as you imagine it to be, I have had far worse otc, topical treatments such as chemical peels.. which IMO do not help acne in the long run.

Any help is appreciated



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Hey Mike. My story was similar with accutane. I did a six months course (I was at the right dosage though) and just never stopped breaking out. I started Dan's Regimen immeadiately after and within 3-4 months I was mostly clear for a year. The problem became that I developed facial eczema from BP use and now my face is overly sensitive to topicals. I would try the epiduo as it may be less irritating (irritation wasn't a problem for me wither after my accutane course but watch out, it sneaks up on you) before trying The Regimen.

Good Luck

Keep in mind that for many accutane is not a cure - My last course was my third course and the least effective of all.

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