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Debating Accutane....

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For years I had very mild acne. When I turned 19 it seemed my body said that's your magic acne age, here, suffer. I started getting more acne. Some very mild, some cystic. I just turned 20 in May and about 2 months ago it got really bad. Mainly the scarring. Only on my cheeks I have a lot of red marks in clusters that make my face look absolutely horrible.

When I had mild acne, menocycline (idk if that's the spelling) kept my acne nice and under control along with proactive.

Since my acne got worse I think I've used every topical on the market with little success.

I did doryx and it hardly helped me.

I'm currently on azithromycin and some days I have no new pimples. Others I have 3 new ones. So it's maybe helped a little.

More than anything it's the redness that's the worst. And I will admit it has improved greatly the past month cause I realized less is more and to stop irritating my face. But it is still pretty bad in my opinion.

I swore I'd never do accutane but now I'm greatly considering it. Does accutane help redness at all? With the few cystic pimples I get is it worth it?

As much as I hate it and as embarrassing as it is as a guy I have been wearing very light cover up and it looks a million times better with it.

So do I do accutane and risk all the side effects I'm afraid of having, or deal with the redness and cover it up?

One main reason I'm afraid of accutane is being in the sun with it. I live in Arizona and it's the summer. It's brutal and I'm afraid I could damage skin even with sunscreen.

Anyways, sorry for the long drawn out non organized post. Just looking for opinions. Thanks!

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Same with me, my acne wasn't never that bad until I was around 19 (I'm 20 now so for the past year and a half or so)

I'd definitely suggest discussion accutane with your dermatologist, I've tried many different prescribed drugs that haven't done anything so that's the next step I want to take when I see my dermatologist for the 1st time next week. (Although it's hard to say if you'll get on it without seeing any pictures of your acne).

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