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Scarring And Deeply Clogged Pores

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Hey whoever reads this,

I recently used the regimen, which worked great for clearing up the majority of my moderate to severe acne, but unfortunately its left me with tons of indented scars from the initial purging. After using the regimen for 8 months my scars just seemed to get worse. So I've stopped for now and have been trying different things to make the scars better, but unfortunately if it makes my overall skin better, it forces deeply clogged stuff from under the surface into large hard lumps on my face.

Any suggestions for products that won't do this or ways to unclog these pores without creating giant zits?

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I'm a noob and still learning, but the only advice I can give is to have a low inflammation diet (which is beneficial for you according to what I've read. I'll learn how to post links soon lol). Perhaps make sure you use a product that calms or inhibits the inflammatory response whilst keeping your epidermis intact would help, as from what I've been researching lately, it appears that inflammation is a major contributing factor to scarring, and to "creating giant zits".

Either way I don't believe you can go wrong with my above suggestions. Perhaps look into retinalhyde (spelling?), niacinmide, beta glucan etc. Most importantly, don't be harsh with your skin, introduce anything you do slowly and gauge any reaction. Seeking professional help may be a good option also.

I'm sure other members can give better advice, but I hope I've helped a bit.

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the regimen probably is working but if you used it for 8 months and still have clogged pores, huge acne maybe you should fix the real cause of its gonna be say thing over and over

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Thanks for the replies guys. I'm doing everything I can to try and keep inflammation down. I've been taking fish oil and zinc for a while, my diet has consistently been chicken or fish, beans, loads of vegetables and fruit, rice and almost no other grain for about 6 months now. I've been using honey for about a month to try and heal the scars, and while it has been doing a great job for that, maybe its either clogging pores or drawing stuff out?

Also Sydboi, what's beta glucan? I've heard it mentioned before but don't remember what it is...

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