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How can it be both swollen and a crater? It started out as a painful hormonal cyst below my lip near the corner of my mouth. I popped it, the skin broke, and now it's beet red and very raised on the edges with a crater in the middle. It's gotten more swollen since I popped it last night. How do you heal something like this? If it were just a crater, I'd use Neosporin and/or Biafine. If it were just a swollen lump, I'd use hydrocortisone. But it's both.

Not to mention that jawline and rest of the skin around my mouth are starting to break out, plus a few bumps on my forehead that will inevitably become zits shortly. I went off the pill in January after having been on it for 5 years, my skin flipped out, and I am now taking 25 mg Spironolactone and 100 mg Minocycline daily. I use Retin-A every few days but not more than that because I have sensitive skin. I'm thinking I need to up the Spiro dosage. I had about two months of clear skin before this most recent flare-up. Oh, forgot to mention. I haven't had my period since I went off the pill.

I hate this. It makes it impossible to think about anything else. I go to work, come straight home, and hole myself up. My gynecologist says it takes some women about a year to get their periods again after stopping the pill. Whatever. My hormones hate me, and therefore, so does my skin.

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The exact same thing happened to me about a month and a half ago. Sadly, the spot hasn't gotten any better. I tried not touching it as it was healing, it would scab over and become a raised dry red spot, but acne started to form around it and it got very itchy… I scratched it and it came off again, leaving a swollen hole once again. UGH!!!! So irritating….

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